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Surf City Half Marathon Race Report

This past weekend was Surf City Half Marathon and also my friend Kristin’s Birthday! Friday night after I went to the Expo and it poured rain and they were sucking water up with vacuums, I met up with Kristin and my running twin, Aron for dinner in Huntington Beach. It was super delicious and so fun catching up with everyone and seeing everyone out of running clothes. I was so excited so many people came down for the race!

Then before I knew it, it was race morning. I didn’t take my own advice, and wasn’t prepared for the morning. I was so tired the night before I conked out pretty early and slept well through the night. I realized I had a pink long sleeve and was awoken to my alarm and immediately tensed in bed and listened for rain. There was none! I checked the weather, texted a few people and then decided that I would have to leave my warm cocoon of a bed and get ready. I had no idea what to wear or if I was going to wear my new shoes or not. Finally I opted for the long sleeve pink shirt that I had forgotten about and my Nike Booty  Shorts (to all those who ask about the shorts… there is a post coming up soon dedicated to booty shorts) I did my hair in the usual buns and got them nice and secure. I drove over to my cousins house and she drove me and her sister down there. Her sister was running the 5k. Ignore the weird smile. Thanks.

Finally she took off, and Billy and I met up after I told him about the gem of a parking spot. We got all our gear together and I decided to give my blood stained Nike’s one more spin before retiring them. They had just a few too many miles on them, so I knew after this race they would be shot. We meandered around a while and saw our friend and speed demon Charlie before the race.

Then I had to go to the bathroom SUPER bad so we went back to the port-a-potties and Billy took this horrific video of me.

Then we got locked outside the starting area and had to wait until Wave 4 to start. It took forever until we started and I tried to find Aron and Kristin, but it was so packed and we had to climb over the fence but we were still stuck in Wave 4. Here is where we are starting the race from Billy’s camera.

We started HAULING to try to find them. Mile 2 was easily in the low 7’s and we passed a few blobs of pace groups. It seemed like it was swarming with people around the pace groups so we had to run on sidewalk to go around them. We turned the corner a little after mile 2 and found them at the porta potties! I was so happy to see them! Kristin had on the cutest shirt and it got so many “Happy Birthdays!” all day and it was so fun to catch up and ease into a good pace and be relaxed.

The course is pretty flat for the most part. There are a few small hills but they are mostly in the beginning so it’s not too bad. We ran together and it was so clear out you could see all the way to the mountains and they were covered in snow. It was a great day for a race.

We all planned on wearing pink and it was so fun running with friends. I love running races like this, the miles just ticked by pretty quickly and before we knew it we were entering the area for the long out and back around mile 6.

There was some lady who was wearing pink like us and we all were talking to her. We were just enjoying each others’ company and the nice day out. We talked to a few runner’s around us and each other about running and upcoming races.

Then Billy took some fun pictures of us from the front. Yea, I  made a horrible face.

Aron and Kristin! Soooo glad they came down here to run the race! :)

Then we started on the out and back section of the race. It was a long way out. I forget how long it feels like. I started to feel a little tired so I decided to take a risk and take some sharkies. They are pretty delicious and I really liked them and they didn’t upset my stomach. Win! Here Billy snapped a great pic of me trying to shove some sharkies down my throat.

It was seriously a great day to be out running. After I ate the sharkies I started to feel a little better and knew I wouldn’t boink. Perhaps maybe next time I should eat more than a banana before a race, or at least not forget my jelly beans. I got a little bit warm in my long sleeve by the end though. The sun was out shining brightly!

Here is a video of some of the flooding that occured at mile 8. There was a median and everyone had to run on it to not go into the water.

The stretch into the finish line about mile 9. I remember this mile last year this is right around when I realized I wasn’t going to get my PR and how disappointed it felt in myself. This race was much different though because I was having so much fun talking with everyone and just cruising along and taking pictures. It’s so much different when you know it’s just for fun and you can enjoy running.

It was right around here my feet started hurting a little bit. I knew that my foot was bleeding yet again, but, surprise, surprise, it was the other foot and a completely different toe. RIP Nikes. RIP.

I also saw this, which I’ve seen before but I seriously have so much respect and this totally reminds me how lucky I truly am to run and to be able to do whatever I want. The woman on the lefts shirt says Blind Runner and the guy next to her was her ‘Guide Dog’. It’s people who get out there and just run because they love it is what keeps inspiring me.

The course is pretty and the waves and beach were nice to look at along the course for the last little section.

Here’s a video of a lot of how the course looked:

Then at mile 10 we saw this woman rubbing another woman’s butt. That was interesting. I think she had a cramp but just the way they were standing and holding each other was hilarious and I had to take a picture.

Right around mile 12 I started to feel really good and I wanted to get in a little bit more ‘hard work’ during the race so Billy and I took off in front of Aron and Kristin. I finished with a 7:40 mile and was happy that I pushed it the last mile. I finished with a time of 1:54:21 and I was glad I came in right under 2.

After Billy and I finished the race we met back up and then waited for Aron and Kristin but we never saw them again. Sad, sad, but it was great running with them and I loved catching up and being able to see them! Then we walked back down the street to meet up with my cousins to go home.

Billy and I at the finish line of the Surf City Half Marathon. Another fun race run together!

And I leave you with this gem. Oddly Enough, it was another toe on the other foot that bleed this time. Oh well, I have some new shoes to try out and they are not Nikes so we’ll see how it goes! It should either stop the bleeding or it will continue to bleed so we’ll find out. I need to retire the Nikes though and there seemed to be no better time to try out a new shoe! I am still not sold on the Surf City race but I was glad this experience was better than last year!


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