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Snowboarding & San Fran!

I’m SO amped to leave for San Francisco today! I can’t wait to meet up with all my friends up there and actually NOT have to race. Every time we get together we talk about hanging out without running a race. Since we are always running races when we are together it seems that our weekends spent together usually revolve around the expo, getting our bibs, carb loading, sleeping and racing. That’s fun but it’s also tiring and there is a lot going on. I decided that I wanted to take a trip up there just to hang out asap, and this weekend worked out perfectly! This weekend is going to be awesome and will include running and way more other fun things like shopping, sightseeing, and relaxing! Hooray! No crazy pre-race Danica anxiety attacks to deal with and mean post-race Danica fits of rage to damper the day. Can’t wait to see all my girls and enjoy one of my favorite towns! I have a nice ‘short’ long run of 10 miles to do this weekend which should be a nice recovery run after I became a BA yesterday snowboarding and my knees are totally bruised up now and looking rather sweet.

Check out this sweet video to see my cool skills.

Commentary of what I’m saying because it’s pretty soft in the video:

:11 – “It’s like grenades out here with these little kids, I’m probably going to kill one of them”

:20 – “and if you drop that phone I’ll kill you”

:25 – “Because that phone is my child, it’s my first born, alright watch me hit a kid, should be fun. Oh shoot.”

1:10 – weird pterodactyl screaming from me. “Oh my gosh, stop getting close to me”

1:20 – super cool swimming move I do to make myself go forward

1:40 – “I made it all the way down the mountain”

1:49 – “I’m such a BA right now. I mean come on Snow White, I mean ha, ha, Shaun White!”

Yesterday I worked a lot on stopping and beginning to turn as well. I can now avoid people and I’m not falling and also am not screaming while going down the hill. I think I improved a lot and my motto of the day was, “Speed is my friend!” I realized that once you get going a little bit everything gets a lot easier. Though also with speed the falls get a lot harder. I have FAT bruises on my knees, and my palm of my hand is pretty bruised, but I’m not sore and wasn’t as tired as I was the first trip up. Side-note: Fashion at the slopes is pretty much phenomenal. I don’t know if some people still think that it should be 1982 or what, but man, there are all kinds of gems to be found up there!

The first time I went snowboarding last month I went down the mountain 4 times in 4 hours. You can see that recap here if you want to read about it. This time I went down the mountain 9 times in 3 hours and went down 3 times without falling once. Also, I only fell on the chair lift ONCE out of the nine times on it. Chair lift – 1, Danica -8! Take that evil chair lift! I still get scared to get on the lift though, because I hate when you have to get off and slide down on the mini slope without being in your bindings, it’s so scary! I really like snowboarding though and hope I can go one more time this season, possibly, but look forward to going next season already! Also, just an FYI, my friend is having a giveaway of the Olympic mittens I posted yesterday that everyone loved. You can enter here, but do so by tonight at 10 pm! :)

Alright, off to leave my heart in San Francisco!


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