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Snow My Gosh!

I’ve been getting a few questions about running in the cold. My motto? Don’t do it! But that is a bad motto. So to all my little snowbirds out on the East Coast. I’ve been watching the news as I get ready every morning and it seems you may have a running dilemma.  I hear you guys are all stuck inside while crazy white stuff falls from the sky. Yup, that’s the reason I reside in an area where it doesn’t snow. So perhaps in the words of my friend Robyn, you are living in a winter run-derland? Thankfully Robyn stepped up and wanted to write a guest post about running in the snow and cold temps. This is a plus for all you snowbirds because I know NOTHING about the snow and ‘cold’ temps. For me, cold is 40 degrees. So that’s why when I ran CIM in December in Sacramento and the starting line degrees of 27 near killed me. Call me a pansy baby (which could be true and I will accept that) but I live here in my sunny little spot for a reason! So here’s Robyn’s advice if you are snowed in and hate the dreadmill like myself!
I’m writing to you all from snow-filled New York City. Although I much prefer to run outdoors, I used to think that winter temps meant I was banned to the treadmill. But once I signed up for my very first half marathon (April 3), I soon realized that I’d have to brave the cold. Turns out it’s not all that bad and guess what, when the dust, er, snow settles this week, I’ll be out there to continue with my training. So here are a few tips I’d like to share with you all so that you too can be an outdoorsy runner in the winter type of gal (or guy! Chic guys are allowed! ha ha):
– Layering is key. The brand of clothes I wear is all over the place but generally I always wear my Under Armour running tights. I wear Under Armour booty shorts! I’m half way there! If it’s around 40 degrees I’ll wear them alone, 20’s or 30’s I’ll throw on a pair of running shorts over to keep my booty more toasty, and then if it’s the “it can’t really feel like 1 degree out, according to,” then I wear my Nike pants over the tights. I also wear a tank under my long-sleeve running shirt (but if I wear this Nike half-zip then I don’t need to) and gloves that I usually take off around mile 3. WOW. I would rather die then wearing all those clothes, but wearing shorts over tights is a good idea. My butt always gets really cold too and now I know why girls do that!

-Cover your ears. If your ears are cold then your whole body will stay cold. I wear a fleece hat with a perfect little hole in the back for my ponytail (so I don’t look like a complete boy) and if it’s a little warmer out I’ll wear just a headband that goes over the ears. I wore North Face earwarmers for CIM and LOVED it. Without that I would have had major issues so I totally agree with Robyn!

-Break wind. Well, more like a wear a wind-breaker. Over my long-sleeve I wear my Columbia wind-breaker that’s light but still helps fight the frigid air. I can see this working out well because cold air cuts through your clothes like nothing I’ve ever experienced! Layer up to break the wind is for sure a key!
-Pack tissues. If it’s cold out you will find that snot runs faster out of your nose than you can say, “pass me a tissue” so I usually throw a few in my jacket pocket. Or you can be super classy like myself and just use your sleeve! Or blow your nose in your hands and wipe it on your back or shorts. So delicious, I know.

In all seriousness, while running mid-winter can be daunting, it can also be magical. When I do my long runs in Central Park, there’s a sense of camaraderie when you see the other hard-core crazies out there. And when I take a moment to look up and take it all in, it’s easy to feel like the city is your oyster. Well said my friend!

So get out there and even though it’s cold, your braver than me!


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