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Rice-a-roni, the San Francisco Treat!

So this weekend pretty much was amazing! I had so much fun in one of my favorite cities and I was so happy to meet up with Tara, Kristin, Aron, Page, and Martiza. I stayed with Tara and Martiza and we had a blast together. They live in the Easy Bay so I wasn’t technically in San Francisco the entire time but we did make it into the city on Sunday. I landed in the afternoon on Friday and we took my luggage back and got prepped to grab a late lunch/early dinner. We ended up at this AMAZING Mexican restaurant and I had a veggie quesadilla. No meat for me, still going strong! It was SO good and we partook in some delish margs too. We had some fun that night and just hung out and talked.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get some snacks and I saw this bottle of champagne. I LOVE champagne and this is pretty much the cutest bottle I’ve ever seen. :)

We ran Saturday morning and it was simply gorgeous! I got to run on the infamous Iron ¬†Horse Trail and meet Aron’s doggies! They are so sweet, and huge in real life! I ran ten miles and felt pretty strong. I actually ran decent splits too, so that worked out great and I was happy with how I felt. I wore my new K-Swiss shoes which are actually broken in now and I really like them! I started with Maritza, ran a mile with the pups and Aron and Tara and then caught up to Kristin and was able to run the last 5 with her. It was a great day and to top off the wonderful running adventure we went to my favorite place in Walnut Creek for brunch and it was amazing per usual!

Then T, M and I laid around for about 5 hours and took naps and watched the Olympics. We were all lazy and tired! It was a great break though and we rallied up a little later to head out to dinner and finally met up with our friend Page! It was so fun and we ended up making an appearance at a bar that we normally go to as well when I’m up there. It was a blast.

Sunday was our day to go into the City, my favorite thing! I love San Francisco and driving over the bridges. We drove over the Bay Bridge and were soon in the city at Union Square.

Union Square area holds a ton of stores and sites. We wandered through Macy’s for quite a while and then realized that we were STARVING. Cheesecake factory at the top of Macy’s, overlooking Union Square it was. :)

Rain, rain, not surprising in San Fran!

To keep up with the ‘no-racing’ theme of the weekend we had some tasty drinks with lunch. It was delish and we were stuffed after! We then decided to try to walk it off a little bit and I wanted to hit up my fave store, Forever 21.

I saw this. Had too. <3

Then the mecca was spotted! Look at that little creeper in the picture. I was so excited and pretty much got lost in the three story Forever 21. Sadly, I didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t totally sold on any particular find, but they had a ton of cute stuff and T and M got a lot of cute stuff. It was a successful trip.

On our way back to the car, we saw a couple asking a homeless person if he wanted a pizza if they bought it for him. He responded, “Well… actuallllllllly.” We had to laugh. There was another sign that said ‘I’m not going to lie, it’s for beer.’ Well if it wasn’t done before I would have laughed at that one too.

Then I saw a traditional trolly and had to take a touristy picture on it as well.

Being the sports fanatic and Olympic lover that I am, and that T and M are, we got back just in time to watch the USA vs. Canada Hockey game and made up a pretty cool drinking game to watch and play while we cheering for our team.

1 drink = USA goal. 2 drinks = Canada goal. 2 drinks = Power play either team. 1 drink = Puck off the ice. 1 drink = Broken stick.

We were only playing with Coors light, so one drink was just a drink of beer. It’s not like we were taking shots or drinking a full drink. It was a great game though and we were super excited during it. Jasper was even excited and was holding up his foam finger for USA!

Then I got way sucked into Ice Dancing and was watching that until way too late and I had to leave the next morning :( Sad, sad times. BUT it was a great weekend, I got in a great run and am feeling ready to tackle the 5k this weekend and then a 20 miler next weekend. Then it’s taper time for LA! I can’t believe how close it’s coming. Thank you again to everyone who showed me another great time up in Northern California. It was HELLA FUN.

Today is the first day at my new job. :)


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