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I love all sports so when the Olympics come on I get super excited. It’s so many great sports and exciting races and videos rolled into two jam packed weeks.  I love watching the athletes compete and get so excited when watching certain events. I love the skating, the hockey, skiing, snowboarding, all of it. AND I was lucky enough to get a pair of Vancouver Olympic mittens to watch the Olympics in! I love wearing them and every time I see someone wearing them on TV I get so excited. Yes, I watch the Olympics in 80 degree weather here in Southern California with mittens on!

I know for many of the athletes these sports are their lives. I can’t even imagine being at their level and the stress, pressure and crazy amounts of training that they do day in and day out to make them the best in the world. So I found some sick videos that showcases some of the athletes and their training skills on Visa Go World’s YouTube channel. To be at their level it takes sick skills and TONS of training. I have such respect!

This is Angela Ruggiero’s Workout on the beach. She is freaking ripped and has some good points. I do the bridges that you do on one arm and they kill me! You can really feel those. I also have done burpees and know that they are a great workout too!

This is Ryan St. Onge’s breakfast before training. Talk about fueling up! Sheesh. It’s insane the amount of calories a lot of these athletes burn during work outs. Since they are working out so much their metabolism is so incredibly high.

This is skier Julia Mancuso working on a slack line. This amount of balance she has is INSANE. I wouldn’t even be able to stand on that line for one second.

This is Lindsey Jacobellis doing some outdoor training. I can feel my little baby muscles burn just watching this!

This is Ryan St. Onge again and he is a freestyle aerialist and this is the CRAZIEST video I’ve seen. I have wondered how they practice this and this is such a cool video and shows exactly how they practice. I would never be able to do this ever but I have a lot of respect for him and how he excels at what he does.

You can see way more videos from the Visa GoWorld YouTube channel too. There are some sweet workouts in there and it makes you respect the athletes so much more!

Since I love running, I had to include one of my favorite videos of Josh Cox, the American record holder in the 50k (30 miles)

He is running with Ryan Hall, who oddly enough I saw run in high school since we were in the same CIF divisions and were at some of the same races. Man, he’s amazing and so is Josh. The fact that Josh can run 30 miles in 2:54, about an hour faster than I run a whole marathon blows my mind. It’s a little long but to be running that pace at the end of that distance just shows what an incredibly talented athlete he is. They were running in Mammoth where I used to go for cross country camp back in high school. The training up there is amazing. Now I’m inspired to run fast and kick butt!


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