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Lucy Review

I’ve gotten more comments about the yellow top that I’ve been wearing recently than anything else! So I got some sweet clothes from Lucy a while back and you have noticed! I was wearing in my LA Marathon Course preview post and the butt workout post and I wanted to share with you guys how much I really like these two options from Lucy!

First off, the Yellow Top is by Lucy and it’s really great. I love the super soft material that it’s made out. We all know I love my soft material and that’s why I also like Zensah clothes. The zipper kind of gets a little weird and puckered every now and then, but I really liked the shirt overall. I also like how long the sleeves are and how long the top is. I was never worried that it would ride up, which is one of the most annoying things when running. I also like the texture of the fabric and how it wasn’t just plain. It adds a little sass! If anything sold me on this product though it’s the fabric. Lucy is pretty expensive but this is seamless and so incredibly soft which means no chafing! I also like the thumb holes in the sleeves because I love to pull my sleeves down and keep them around my hands. Here are some links to the jacket if you wanted to get one for yourself. It’s fairly lightweight and wasn’t warm in this when I ran for a 10k.

Lucy Aventura Half Zip

Lucy Velocity Half Zip

Lucy Gazelle Half Zip (this is the EXACT one I have in yellow)

Lucy Ravine Half Zip

Then I reviewed the Pace run shorts, which are ON SALE RIGHT NOW! So I really liked these shorts! They are not booty shorts, shocking, I know, but I still love them. They look really short on the model in the picture, but they are not that short on me. I really liked the lightweight material that they are made of and they are very soft. I was surprised how lightweight they were. If anything I didn’t like how the side of the shorts were not cut with a slit, but that’s me always wanting my shorts to be the shortest possible and also because of my running in high school, our team shorts were always the split cut kind. So that’s my opinion but overall, I really liked the shorts and the liner inside was very soft and the length was great.

Pace Short (I have them in blue)

Lastly, I received the long tights that they make. I haven’t seen them on the website but I have only one other pair of tights that I have and I really don’t like running in full on pants. I also feel like full on pants make me look like a mammoth running through the forest. Not exactly my fave picture. I prefer capris for sure, but I do like how these were not too heavy to run in and I do like the fact of how tight they are. If you’ve never worn tights while running, I really recommend you get a less expensive pair for testing and then move forward from there. You can find them at Target and Wal-mart. I think that my main problem is the fact that I don’t like them around my ankles. Sounds weird, but I think that’s why I prefer capris. Plus, I live in a mild climate so long pants are almost never necessary. I don’t have any pictures in the tights because they didn’t come out right, but I might try to get some soon. They are not on the website anyways though.

Tomorrow is a goal post for the Surf City Half Marathon that I’m running on Sunday. I can’t believe it’s already here! I know I won’t be going for a PR but I’m still excited for the race and the fact that it won’t be raining as previously predicted earlier in the week! WIN!


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