Long Beach Marathon is taking over my life

Remember the race where I had my ‘redemption’ in the marathon? The race that I love so much and hope that everyone runs once in their life because it’s a fast, flat, fun course and it’s where I may have falling back in love with racing and running? Where I was doing jazz hands like some kind of freak at mile 25 because I was so happy? Where I read the race report and to this day it makes me cry?

I am super excited to share with you guys that I will be leaving my job at the advertising agency that I have worked at for the past year and a half and will be taking a job with ICR, which stands for International City Racing. They put on many races, including the Long Beach Marathon! I am so excited about this opportunity and working with the great team at ICR. I can’t believe that my blog turned into something and now I will be doing marketing, event planning and social media for them. It basically is my dream job and I’m still pinching myself about the opportunity I have in front of me. Running, social media, writing, all things I LOVE! All I can think about is how excited and happy I am for this opportunity.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be the little blogging machine that I’ve become and will still be running tons which I have to share tomorrow some great races that I will be running soon as well. There are some great shorter ones coming up that I’m excited about.

YAY! I’m so excited. Anyways, that is big news for me in my little world and of course since my little world has spilled onto the Internet canvas, you all get to share in my joy!

If you are looking for a running related Valentine’s Day gift idea check out my recent post on the Examiner too. Those gifts would make this little runner girl pretty happy.

Okay, I’m going to go pinch myself and make sure I’m not dreaming.


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134 Responses to Long Beach Marathon is taking over my life

  1. Ms.V says:

    You’re not dreaming honey. You’re living. So happy for you.

  2. Sydney Hunter says:

    AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve it…sounds awesome and you will do wonderful.

  3. Laura says:

    OMG so happy for you – what a perfect job for you! :):)

  4. Jessica says:

    Congrats!!! That is such a cool opportunity!! Can’t wait to hear about how things go at the new job:)

  5. Sasha says:

    Congrats! That is awesome!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Congrats on the new job! It sounds like a dream for any runner!

  7. Tom says:

    That is GREAT.

  8. Cody says:

    Huge congrats CR! That’s incredible news – sounds like a dream come true!!!!!

  9. Bob says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome!

  10. jeri says:

    OMG congrats! That’s so stinkin’ awesome and sounds like a position you will truly excel at. It’s funny just the other day I was thinking that this would be the type of job that would be my dream job, so I’ve started to look into things in my area. :P

  11. Ann Marie says:

    That is terrific news! You are going to be terrific! Your blog is such a favorite of mine. Keep on writing and spreading your love of all things running!

  12. Heather says:

    AAAHHH that’s SO exciting! congrats!! I am jealous of your new job!

  13. Stacey says:

    What an awesome opportunity and you are SO deserving of it! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  14. Average A says:

    You are amazing!! This is an incredible opportunity, and I can’t think of anyone else who is more deserving. Congrats, Dancia. I can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming journeys!! Good luck!! xoxo

  15. Sesa says:

    Awesome! Now you’ll have an insider’s point of view. :)

    Hope you’ll fill us in on all your new, cool responsibilities!

  16. heidi kai says:

    I’m so excited for you!! That is great news :) I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks and I just love it- You make me want to be a runner!

  17. Jeff says:

    I would just like to say…





  18. Melanie says:

    Congrats girl! That is SOOOOO exciting! I’ve actually been looking into something similar myself, but no luck on this side of the country for the time being. Maybe someday, but for now I’ll live vicariously through you, haha!

  19. Rachael says:

    Wow! This is so amazing, congrats big time!

  20. Susan says:

    That jobs sounds absolutely amazing and how great is it to combine work and running?? Congrats!

  21. Congratulations! It must be so exciting to have the opportunity to do what you absolutely LOVE!!! Not many people have the same opportunity. Keep up the good work, girl! BTW–I love, love, love your blog!

  22. aly says:


  23. chris says:

    Congratulations!!! This is wonderful!

  24. Dwayne says:

    Congrats! Been following for a short time and enjoy your perspective on running. Plus I’m jealous of the warm weather. : )

  25. J says:

    Im a day late with this BUT CONGRATS! That sounds like such a fun job! I totally would love to work for a company that does stuff with running! I am glad you are so happy!

  26. StephanieC says:

    Congratulations on landing that awesome job. It super great when you love your work (so many don’t) and can incorporate your hobbies in to it too. Nice one!!

  27. Congrats friend! That is just fabulous news! How perfect is that job for you?? Yeah!

  28. sarah says:

    WOW I’m so happy for you! The new job sounds amazing. Now I have to go back and read your old race report!! :)

  29. Danielle says:

    That is so exciting! Congrats and best wishes!

  30. Lara says:

    I am SOOO excited for you!!! Congrats, I’m squealing with excitement, this is absolutely fantastic!! They couldn’t have found a more perfect, absolutely perfect person for the job. Woo-hoo!!!!

  31. Emily says:

    First time logging on to Google Reader in a few days … so a belated CONGRATS on the new job! Sounds perfect for you.

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