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This past weekend I wanted to cruise up to Santa Monica (roughly fifty minutes from my house) to see what the new K-Swiss store was like and to get some LA gear since they are the official apparel provider for the LA Marathon. I was also interested in seeing their options of running shoes since we all know now that my Nikes will rest in peace and I must branch out and try different kinds of shoes to see what works for me. I wanted to see what my options were and I knew the store, which opened recently would be a cool place to check out the LA Marathon gear. It’s in a very cool area of town and is the only K-Swiss running store in America. I really liked the openness of the store and how it was small but they had lots of LA Marathon apparel. Everyone at the store was super friendly and attentive and knowledgeable. I showed them my bloody Nikes and they were helpful in finding me a shoe that compared and also would last. While I was trying on shoes I snapped a couple pictures throughout the store.

This is the apparel section of the store. It’s not a huge selection but they had a lot of sizes and the stuff they did have is really well made. I LOVE the LA Marathon tank. Again, me and my love for nice fabrics, all their stuff is super soft and I could have dropped some serious chump change in here!

You can customize your K-Swiss shoes if you wanted too. The shoes that I looked at were pretty neutral in color, which I liked as well, but they also had some CRAZY shoes with crazy colors. I try to stick to very plain shoes for the most part though.

The front of the store and also the treadmill that they have in store so you can try out the shoes that you are looking at. I tried out a pair of shoes on the treadmill and I really liked how they felt and how light they were.

All the super cute LA Marathon gear! I can’t wait for the LA Marathon and all their clothes made it more ‘real’. It’s going to be such a fun race and I’m super excited to see more of the apparel that they come out with! It was also nice to see how the fit of some of the clothes looked like, gasp! They were actually made to fit a female or a male. Crazy idea I know.

I saw this V-neck and I loved the fabric. It looks so breathable and I really liked the logo and colors they are using for the clothes. Another thing I really liked (and I’m not very ‘fashionable’ so take this with a grain of salt) is the fact that the logo and date are not plastered all over the whole entire shirt. It’s actually something you can wear again. The only race gear I have ever bought was from the Malibu Marathon because it’s a super cute green American Apparel type shirt and it was the inaugural race and I felt special running it. I usually never purchase any race gear for the reason of it being hideous, but these, I like.

Close up of the Tank. Love the purple accent and how soft the material was. Not totally sold on white, since, ahem, I am not a stick figure but it will look great on many!

The other side of the store. I really liked how it wasn’t cluttered and tons of stuff everywhere. I like things nice and neat and clean and they showcased all their shoes, which I think is most important.

All the Ironman shoes were SO cool. They made me think about doing one in a long, long time. :) The flags and colors they had showcased were really nice and they really had a wide selection of shoes there, which surprised me.

The wall of K-Swiss shoes!

So I ended up with this beautiful jacket, which I may be in love with and I’m pretty sure it’s my new go-to. I LOVE the color, the fit is great, and my favorite part is the fact that it’s not LA Marathon’ed out all over the place. I want to represent but I don’t want to go overboard!

I also got these shoes, which I had the opportunity to take out for their first spin yesterday. I may have been a little over zealous taking them for a 7 miler right off the bat, but they held up well and I would say are somewhat comparable to my Nikes.

I really liked the cushion of the shoe. The first two miles were a bit clumsy as I haven’t ran in different shoes in a long time, and I felt like they just fit a little differently but I do think that I like them and the feel of them. It’s just a test to see what shoe works for me so they are just a test. I’ll have to get new shoes in two months anyways, so we’ll see if these are a good fit for me. I liked how light they were though and also, there was no blood! Big win! I’ll keep you updated on the testing and how I like them. I really like how they fit my toes though. I am a little scared, but at the same time, I’m excited to try them out. If they work, they work, if they don’t, the hunt continues for a shoe that doesn’t bloody my feet up!

You can check out all the SUPER cute gear for LA for Men and Women and also if you are in the area, stop by the store. The K-Swiss workers are super friendly and helpful and you might be surprised to find that you might like the shoes!


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