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Goals for Surf City

So last year we all may or may not remember my wonderful race I had at Surf City, or what I lovingly refer to as Surf Shitty. I had a horrible race and was really upset with myself for a long time after that. I was on a PR mad streak before that race and I wanted to PR at Surf City. Looking back I realized that I was dumb and that wasn’t very ‘me’. Looking back always makes you realize that it wasn’t THAT important and that you will get another chance at things. Though I still have yet to break my PR in the half, the remainder of my year last year was taken up with marathons… and will someone remind me how THAT happened? Back to Surf City, I always talk about how  time is not important to me (relatively speaking) and at last year’s Surf City race, I, just like so many, got way too caught up in times and pr’s and the pressure of it all and cracked when I didn’t hit my goal time. My time goal for that race was anything under 1:46:00. That could mean 1:45:59 or 1:45:45, but what did I end up with? 1:46:00. Literally :00. Wow.

Earlier this year I plotted revenge on the course and started training pretty hardcore to smash my PR. Alas, it rained for what seemed like 200 days, errr seven, and also I have begun training for the LA Marathon. So PR plan went right out the window and  I’m at peace with that. Then my friend and running twin, Aron, told me she was running the race and a bunch of my other friends are coming down for the race  and we could run it the same way we ran San Fran last year, which was one of my FAVORITE races just because I ran it with so many great friends. Sniff, Sniff, getting emotional here. I love all my girls in San Fran and miss them a lot and having Kristen and Aron here this weekend will be a blast! I’m super excited to enjoy the run and just go out and cruise and piddle fart around on the course taking pictures and stupid videos. We still have a time goal of sub-2, which should be attainable, but I know this race will get me amp’ed up for the LA Marathon and I’m excited to go out and just enjoy myself, run and smile.

This time the race will not consist of me hating the entire race, scowling at everyone around me, being a giant grump and so obsessed with my time that I can’t even function but it will be different. It will consist of me wearing my beloved monkey buns with big bows, my favorite color to run in, pink, and being surrounded by some of my favorite people while laughing and having a great time. Which is what racing should be. Also, the weather heard my complaining earlier in the week and I am crossing my fingers the storm travels on the path as planned and will be gone by Sunday morning!

With only 10% of precipitation chance, that is looking much better. We wouldn’t want any of my witchiness to melt while running now would we? Now storm just stay on course and get out of town by Sunday and everything will be wonderful! Then we have Super bowl, where I don’t really care who wins, but I am partial to both Manning brothers, and since my boy Eli won it in 2008, it’d be cool to see Payton win it this year. Then again, I love Reggie Bush and would love to see the Saints win it for New Orleans. Here’s why I love Reggie, and this is the most ‘girl in sports’ reasoning. I love the show Keeping up with the Kardashians, therefore, I love Kim Kardashian, therefore, I was devastated when she and Reggie broke up, and am so happy they are back together, thus, I love Reggie and hope he wins the Super Bowl. Also, he went to USC and that is my fave college team. I know, too many weird connections. Most of all I just hope it’s a good game!

Last night I got in a good 3.5 miler and also ran in different Saucony shoes (sorry I don’t remember the make, but I wanted to try the Ride2’s and they had none) that I tried at the local running store trial night. I’ll have a post up next week about them on the Examiner site, but THERE WAS NO BLOOD. So, I am leaning towards getting new shoes but it’s just a very hard decision.

So cheers to friends, a fun weekend, running a half marathon for fun and a great football game!


P.S. If you are in the Long Beach area next weekend be sure to check out this Valentine’s Day 5k! I’m considering running it. Check it out Here!

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