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Bloodbath of a Run

So last Friday night I took off for a ten miler and got in 8 miles before it was pretty dark. I don’t like running in the dark so I cut it short. The run was a great idea, the weather was perfect and the sun was just setting and then one mile in, I felt it. I know my toes bleed when I run. I start to feel it get gushy. Squish, squish, and I knew my toes were going to bleed. Oddly enough it doesn’t hurt at all, just kind of feels weird. I continued on and got in a great run but then I looked down at mile 6 and saw that the blood had started to leak through my shoe. THROUGH MY SHOE. There was nothing I could do but run the two more miles home, and it still wasn’t hurting, but when I got home I was pretty grossed out and then I realized my pink Nikes’ were also horrible looking now. You see, usually, the toe just bleeds a little bit. I have so many socks with little pink spots on them. That’s totally okay. So these pictures might be a little too intense for some of you. If so, click away NOW! That being said, you’ve probably already seen them since the posts pops up. MEH!

Normally this is how much my toe bleeds. It isn’t the best but it’s not the worst, but it’s manageable. Friday after my eight miler this was what I saw as I stared down at my shoes while crossing the street.

MY SHOES!!!!!!! MY TOES!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!! Okay, so let’s discuss a few things before you all ask me questions about my shoes. I LOVE the Vomeros and have run in these shoes for about 8 months. I had problems with bloody toes in the Pegasus, which was what I was wearing before I switched to the Vomeros, and never had any problems like this before in the Vomeros, but now,  THIS much blood seems unhealthy! Especially with the fact that my shoes have about 50 miles left on them and they look horrific. So I inspected my toe like normal. There is a VERY, VERY tiny little pin prick of a cut on my toe. To release this amount of blood to me is odd though. That is a LOT of blood. Still my toes do not hurt, and I’ve tried baby powder, gold bond, Vaseline, body glide, taping, wright socks and injini socks. My shoes are already a size and a half bigger than what I should be wearing and I don’t have black toenails or any blisters. Explain that to me!

There is one word for this, and that word is one of my favorite words.


I know this is pretty much the most bizarre thing ever, but thankfully it doesn’t hurt, it just looks horrible and feels weird. So I will continue on bloody toes and all, but if anyone has any other recommendations of something I can do that I haven’t already tried, I am totally up for suggestions. Last night I got in a decent 7 miler before it got dark and my toe only bleed like the first picture. So it’s touch and go as of right now. Better get it’s game face on for Sunday though!

Also, I posted another new article about getting ready for race day on my Examiner site! Be sure to creep over there and check it out and I even included a slide show of pictures of how I get ready the night before a race. Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any suggestions for articles for the Examiner or any questions or comments regarding my articles I’m posting on that site.


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