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Zensah Sports Bra and Recovery Sock Review!

So I realized that I’ve never even done a review on my most favorite product, the Zensah sports bra and Zensah recovery socks. Obviously I love Zensah sports bras because I have three of them! I have never had any problem with the sports bra and I wanted to share my success with them with everyone. It seems that when I find something I love, I just can’t get enough of it and I want to scream it from the mountain tops… Since I don’t have a mountain, y’all have to listen to me here.

One of my favorite things about the bras are that they are seamless. There are no seams or tags on the bra and I think this really helps in the chafing aspect of a sports bra. The fact that they don’t have a tag makes them fit really well and also makes them not wreck your skin on long runs. I have never had a  problem with chafing in these bras and I make sure that these are my race day bras. They have NEVER let me down. Another thing that I love about these bras is that they are nice and tight. I don’t feel that they are loose in any aspects and really keep everything together, if you know what I mean.

Here is a close-up of the bra from the front. I like how the Zensah logo is on the front smaller and also I like the runching that is on the inside of the bra to make it tight. Another aspect of the bra that I like is the waffling of the fabric on the straps. I really think that the waffling aspect gives more breathability and also makes the straps lighter on your shoulders.

The back also has the same waffling as the straps and I feel that this is moisture wicking and helps keep the back dry. I also really like how the bra is made. It’s not super heavy and the fabric is AAAAAAAHHHHHMAZING. If you have any Zensah products, you know their fabric is the softest around. That is one of my favorite things about the Zensah products, their fabric is so soft it is like butter against your skin, totally a win for a sports bra when your running twenty or more miles. The bra fits really well on  my shoulders and the back fits really well in-between my shoulder blades. I have found that thinner bra straps don’t fit as well as a little bit thicker straps so I really like the fit of these straps. They aren’t too thick but still make sure that everything stays in place.

This is the back of the sports bra inside out. As you can see there is no tags, which I mentioned before is a big plus. The seams around the straps also don’t chafe and the elastic in the bra really is great. Also, another favorite feature of the bra is the fact that it stays tight and doesn’t ride up. That is another plus that really adds a lot in a good sports bra. I know that these are a little more expensive than a Target bra, but I really think these are worth it. I have never found a bra that stays in place and ‘holds everything in’ like the Zensah bra. As for sizing, I wear a small/medium, and it’s tight, but I like it that way. My bra size is in-between a 34 B and C. I used to swear by the Target bras, but now, I can’t think of wearing those ever again because they just aren’t as tight as these.

So these are Zensah Recovery socks. I’ve worn mine a lot and that is why the bottoms are dirty. Sorry, I know. So I realized that these are my favorite “recovery socks”. You are suppose to wear recovery socks to increase circulation and use compression to help heal the muscles that you’ve used on your run. I’ve tried three brands of recovery socks and these are my favorites hands down. There are three aspects that I love about these socks that really make them stand out.

1. Fabric

The fabric of Zensah products is one of the main things that makes Zensah stand out against it’s competitors. It’s the nicest material out there and it’s almost like silk. The fabric is really durable and I love wearing the socks to bed, to work, and just around the house. The socks are so soft, I can’t even describe it. The fabric also holds well and I feel like really is what makes the sock stand out.

2. Compression

The compression in the socks is really the best I’ve experienced. I felt like they were compressed in the right areas, which is the calves and shin area for me. I really liked how tight they were and since the fabric is really soft it felt really good against my skin. The compression is also on the foot area which I also thought was a benefit. I have tried on some recovery socks and they just feel like glorified softball socks. I’m not going to pay $40 bucks for softball socks, sorry. I really feel that they are tight and fit well.

3. Cushion

Another great aspect of the socks is the fact that they have cushion in the foot area. You can kind of see it on the picture above but the bottom part of the sock is cushiony and not one sock I tried on was like that. It makes it a lot easier for walking since my legs hurt after a long run, but so do my feet. It adds a little something extra that I really think makes the sock stand out against competitors. The cushion was nice to be able to just wear the socks around the house and it made the socks that much more comfortable, which let’s be honest, these socks aren’t for fashion.

Anyways, since Zensah is a cool company, they wanted to offer my readers a discount on compression socks and sports bras. Just type in “Chicten” if you want 10% off compression socks and sports bras.

I really like the stuff, and I assure you, once you feel how soft it is and realize how great of a product they have, you won’t be disappointed. *Also, Zensah doesn’t pay me for this.. just wanted to share about how great their stuff is, since it works for me. Then I emailed them for the discount code. So check it out!


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