The weather outside is..

So perhaps you’ve seen all the weather related updates we’ve been having out here in the LBC, and well, all of Southern California. This has severely limited my workouts this week since it has taken me twice as long to get home and twice as long to get to work, many streets are flooded around my area and if there’s one thing I don’t do it’s run in the rain. I just can’t make myself do it and it seems that every time I run in the rain, the next day I’m feeling sick.

Especially since this weather is an actual ‘storm’ it’s a lot different than just a few sprinkles, like we normally have here when it ‘rains’. This is like torrential downpour, leak all over my desk, driving through run-off, trees falling over stormy stuff. Unearthing my car that is covered in palm fronds every morning  is interesting and being re-routed just to get on the freeway is also a good time, but alas, it’s something different and I think it will make our city refreshed, or flooded. Either way, the Cave is still intact, pending any more tornado warnings we might have. REALLY?! I was watching the news and they said, if you are in an area with a Tornado, go to your basement. Um, we don’t have basements out here… So that’s exciting.

Our house hasn’t flooded at all and my car has made it through every mini river I’ve made it go through, so I’m doing okay. Workout out with commence again soon, but even swimming isn’t happening right now. Sad, sad day.

This picture was taken by Fat Tony and it’s right by the school I run past often. I love the guy canoeing… but why there is a poinsettia in the front of the canoe, one can only guess.

Poor Long Beach! We best start building our arks! Another great photo that was taken by Fat Tony

Another picture in front of Wilson High School. This is where I normally run by and it’s also the route of the Long Beach Marathon. This was also taken by Fat Tony

This should be a UPS ad! What can brown do for you? Man, they deliver no matter what! This was taken by Fat Tony

There are more pictures by Fat Tony of the flooded areas that you can find here. I never have seen his work before but man, he is a great photographer! I loved looking through all his work.

Also, another great photographer and friend is Aaron Michael, he took these four pictures.

Where did the sidewalk go? Another one of my running paths that I frequent.

The berms behind the news van are so that when the waves come higher than the normal area, they hope to not flood the area. They have been working on building the berms higher and higher. Pretty crazy waves/wind/rain this week!

Poor Palm Trees in the wind! Palm trees are really pretty but in the wind they shed like crazy! There are palm fronds and part of the trees EVERYWHERE littering the streets.

The storm is suppose to let up a little bit this weekend hopefully which will be nice to get out and get in a workout. I am going to also do some yoga tonight as the downpour continues. So that is considered a workout!

HA HA HA HA! There you go, hitch up the old oxen and get back on the Oregon Trail!


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  1. Tara says:

    omg I was worried there for a second that the koo did not make it across the river! hahaha good to know she surrived and lived to see another day! fight on! ♥

  2. Heather says:

    oh wow the flowers in the canoe LOL!!!! that is too funny. maybe he was trying to be festive?

    we had TERRIBLE storms/hail/tornado warnings last night and a lot of our streets look like that oo!

  3. Vic says:

    That’s a crazy scene down there, kiddo! Hope it’s back to normal soon. Stay safe.

  4. nicole says:

    the koo is a powerful car! the koo is the only one that could make it across the bumpy muddy oregon trails! glad you made it through and didnt drown!

    miss you koozie! <3

  5. Julia says:

    Oh man, that’s crazy. It’s not THAT bad (Yet) here in Santa Barbara, but it’s raining cats and dogs and thundering. I am hoping it’ll clear up in time for my long run…… hope the weather gets better there too!

  6. Adam says:

    Ugg, I’m in San Jose this week and it has been DEPRESSING! Between the rain here and the quakes in hati, it is all that i can do to stay sane.

  7. Marlene says:

    YIKES! That is some major flooding. I hope it subsides SOON!

  8. That’s some crazy weather! I’m hoping it dries up for you over the weekend…we’ve got a marathon to train for.

    C’mon cali weather! Cooperate!

  9. Lisa says:

    I am ready for this goofy weather to be GONE. I’m used to it raining a day or two and then back to normal. I left Oregon for a reason!

    I’m glad all is well at your house. I was thinking about you during the storm. No flooding out here (we’re all hills) but I do worry a bit about mudslides.

  10. jeff says:

    i love running in the rain, but my last three runs were during the worst rain of each day. i think i can safely say that i’m ready for the break. it gets harder and harder each day to mentally gear myself up for the conditions out there. first day i was smiling like a fool. second day i was slippin’ all around in the mud and partially giggling/partially frustrated. third day, i was knackered. let’s pray for a rainbow for tomorrow.

  11. Go Koo car go! If the man in the canoe with the poinsettia made it, so can you…

    Here in Trinidad we have a rainy season and it floods like that once or twice a year–last year it happened when I came back from the airport and I had to wade through water, suitcase over head, for about a mile to get home. No.Fun.

  12. Libby says:

    Oh wow…That flooding is awful. I hope it clears out and doesn’t get worse. You west coasters probably never had to have tornado drills (you probably had earthquake drills?) but growing up in the midwest I definitely had my fair share of tornados. I remember in elementary school we had tornado drills where everyone went into a hall lined up facing the wall, kneeled down and put your head by your knees, and lastly cover your head. We would have them quite a bit, especially during tornado season, and sometimes you would just have to sit there for a long time, even though it was just a drill. So, if you get another tornado warning you can follow those instructions :)

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Jeeze! Such crazy weather you guys are having. Better safe than sorry and not run. Seriously though, canoeing would be a great work out for your arms!

  14. So I’ve only been in tornado like weather once. But according to the weather guys it wasn’t actually one.

    Mind you, I couldn’t tell when I was in my basement crawl in space, hanging onto the pipes, while the house above me made the freakiest cracking noises!!!!

    Giant FAIL!

  15. kirbey says:

    I absolutley can’t stand tornados and we don’t have a basement either so my heart nearly stops every time they flash that warning on the tv. Glad you LBC’s are ok. I hope your house and car are safe from here out!

  16. Wow Danica – unbelievable. Consider yourself lucky however – rising water is big, big trouble. Two-time Hurricane veteran here – no fun at all.

    Take care out there! Best from Austin, Joe

  17. Shannon says:

    I’m laughing about the basement thing. We get tornados here quite a bit and nobody has a basement. We have storm shelters that are built undergrown…but not everyone has one of those. Actually, few people do. We usually just hide in the bathtub. :D It’s an inside wall. Just some info – just in case.

  18. Niki says:

    Wow! That’s some crazy flooding! Cool pictures too! I’m kinda laughing about the basement thing too because here in TN, where tornadoes happen much more frequently than CA, they tell us the same thing, to go to your basements, but no one here has them either!

  19. Stuart says:

    Wait till the fall when everything has grown to crazy size and then starts to burn…ah fun times!

  20. Michaela says:

    Cool photos, although the weather definitely sucks. NorCal is the same — rain non-stop, trees down, accidents all over the highways, landslides, flooding, etc. I can’t wait until this is over!

  21. Christina says:

    Yikes! We’re getting monstrous continual rain and wind in San Francisco as well. Hail and thunderstorms, oh my.

  22. LOL about the Oregon Trail. Ford the river!!!

    Love this post. Poor LB. I can’t wait to get home from Nor Cal tonight and survey the damage.

  23. Madison says:

    I hear ya girl! I almost got blown away the other day when I was walking outside and the “tornado” was near by. I miss me some outside running. Been having to run inside on the treadmill. So sad!

  24. Abby says:

    Im looking at the pictures and wondering why you didn’t run outside… you call yourself a real runner? Geesh.. ;-)

  25. KatieA. says:

    We had tornado warnings up here in NorCal, too! WTF? I have to say though, I manned up and went for a run. Hail, wind and rain were a mo-fo to run through, but I gotta run! Glad you haven’t floated away :)

  26. Well, roll up your jeans and try to keep dry! That’s a lot of water!!!

  27. Kimba says:

    I flew into LA for the first time on Monday and left this afternoon, the rain was insane!

  28. Es says:

    UPS should pay you and the photographer for that idea! haha

    It actually looks a little exciting there! Then again last summer when I was training for my marathon it rained every other day– no joke– so I had to run in the rain or skip my training. And yes, I totally got sick from running in the rain. I still prefer running outside to running on a treadmill though.

  29. Madeline says:

    Ughh, it reminds me of the snowstorm we had last month, except not as cold. Everything was shut down, my VW beetle was nowhere to be seen under the snowdrifts…it was not a good situation. I’m surprised to hear about not running in the rain, it always makes me feel hardcore. Once it’s below 40 degrees though, no amount of under armour is going to convince me to go outside, haha.

    Also, careful with Oregon Trail! I remember many drownings in 2 feet of water. Weird.

  30. Miss E says:

    We’ve been getting it all day in Arizona. I love it! But not when I have to be in it! Stay dry, friend.

  31. Melanie says:

    This kind of cracked me up. It looks like what we get in TN on a regular basis! But it’s interesting to me how in all places there’s always something that people aren’t used to and it causes serious issues… for y’all out there, rain. For us out here, snow. Seriously. We get the tiniest bit and everything shuts down and no one knows how to drive.

  32. Alisa says:

    Crazy times! I definitely the NW can handle the rain (even bad storms) better than SoCal. Hopefully you’ll be back out on the roads again without the flooding =).

  33. wahoo for the koo making it through! my honda died every time I tried to go through something like that..

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