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The heart grows fonder, I miss you running.

The winner of the GoMoji Ice pack giveaway is Bree from the Fit Bride. Congrats Bree! Please email me at so I can get you in contact with the right people :)

To those that entered, I totally think that product is worth it, and I know it’s expensive, but if you have the money I would splurge on it. It’s a great system for icing and you won’t be disappointed.

Back to working out. Since I had to get my part-time job, there has been limited time for working out, but I do feel that I’m keeping up with my weight training and my cardio during the week and on the weekends I am getting in decent runs. I definitely am feeling much stronger after doing weights and actually working my upper body more than ever before. Also, with swimming, it’s something nice that I can do at night time, since I can’t run at night and when I wake up in the morning it’s still very dark and I can’t run then either.

So this leads me to run one day during the week and twice on the weekends which includes my long run for the week. It’s kind of strange, but when I do get to run, I get so excited to do it. I guess the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder, is true because I do miss you running. I just need it to stay lighter just a little bit longer, but right now it’s still so dark out and it gets dark so quickly that I can’t fit it in, thus trips to the gym ensue and I feel like I am not losing my fitness since I’m working out really hard while I’m there, which is good. It’s a smaller gym and I really like how it’s set up and am considering joining, since I’ve been on the guest pass for like a month… I hope they don’t kick me out! I also know that I train the best personally when I’m not running every single day of the week, and I still feel that the body is finishing up recovering from the three marathons I ran in October, November and December.

As I get closer to LA though I am going to make sure to up my mileage, which the training plan will be included in a post next week. By not going to the gym and running more I can up my mileage, but I really am working at getting stronger right now as well and hopefully strengthening my knee for the LA Marathon. Part of me thinks that running LA is a bit crazy, but then part of me thinks that it’s still two months away and I have a decent amount of time to prepare myself for that.

But I do miss running, I think if I included it one more day I would be happy, and soon that day will come. Every time I think about it I get antsy in my pants. I have heard some great new running songs and I think about uploading my iPod for my weekend runs and it makes me excited. It’s funny how that works. Sometimes it’s the things in life that you don’t even realize that you miss them, and then before you know it, your sitting at your desk daydreaming the next path you’ll tackle, or planning your next route that you might meander on.

It is a nice feeling though, to be excited about every run I’m going to go on. It’s nice to have it to look forward too instead of dreading the run, so it’s okay for this point in my training.

As for me, I got 13 miles tomorrow and another 6.2 on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it. I had very limited knee pain after my 10 and 6.2 last weekend so here’s to a knee pain free and fun weekend. Tonight it’s going to be a big celebration for DJ’s Birthday. Fist Pump Fest 2010 and I’m super excited about it.

I have another great review of some awesome Zensah products next week, another section of the LA marathon with hopefully more weird videos and my LA training plan.

Fist Pump until you Pass out!


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