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Snowboarding? Yes please!

So the other day I got the chance to go snowboarding. Granted, I haven’t ever been snowboarding and the last time I even saw snow was probably roughly ten years ago. I know, I don’t get out much. Thankfully, my brother’s girlfriend already had every single piece of gear that I needed and she was nice enough to let me borrow it. We left at 6 am to drive up to Snow Valley. It took us about a hour and a half to get up there and I really had no idea what to even expect. I don’t have great balance and I was scared of breaking some part of my body.

We got suited up and headed up to the mountain area. I had a little mini lesson of how to walk with a snowboard and move around with one foot in my bindings. Then it was time to get on the chair lift. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of heights and I knew I was going to eat it trying to get off the lift. We made our way up to the front of the chair lift line and I was pretty nervous! Before I really even knew what was going on, we were on the chair life and away we went up to the beginner slope. It was pretty cool, even if I was shaking!

Then it was time to get off the chair lift. I totally ate it going down the hill and slid down while sitting on the back part of my snowboard. Chair lift – 1, Danica -0. I got strapped into the snowboard and started to slowly make my way down the hill. I think I was most scared of falling and the fall really hurting but it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. Slowly and surely I made my way down the mountain. I fell a lot but it was fun and I really enjoyed it. The only major fall I really had in the first run was I totally fell face first right under the chair lift. I was laughing SO hard and the people on the chair lift were laughing at me laughing so hard.

Then I decided that I felt like my feet were in the wrong place so I got my bindings switched around and I felt more comfortable. So we went up for round two, and I successfully fell off the chair lift again. Chair lift – 2, Danica -0. I improved a lot more with each trip down the mountain. I was told at the beginning that it would be easier with more speed, which is scary to believe, but I started to realize this more and more throughout the day. The turning became easier with a little bit more speed, emphasis on the word little.

I seemed to keep most of my weight on my front foot and that is why I kept falling forward. I also found that one of my problems was the fact that I would try to turn to go the opposite way and would end up turning around too far and sliding down backwards, and that scared me so I usually stopped myself. I made it down the hill for the second time and then wanted to go back up again. As I expected, I fell off the chair lift for the third time. Chair lift – 3, Danica -0. It was just always hard for me to keep my balance and so I fell.

I was scared that I was going to get hurt, but it was really, really fun and I lived to tell about it. The last run was the hardest one though because it had gotten icy out on the slope since it was now the afternoon and the fourth time up the chair lift, when I fell off, Chair lift – 4, Danica – 0, I hurt my wrist a little bit. It was getting harder and harder to pull myself up since I was getting so tired. My arms were killing me, when you spend most of the time falling and having to pull yourself back up it’s not the easiest but a good workout. This last video is hilarious because I was so tired when I fell I just laid there.

So besides me being pretty green at snowboarding, it was really enjoyable and fun and I hope to go again sometime in the near future. I wasn’t sore the next day, only my arms were sore from continuing to pull myself up once I fell down. I improved so much from the first run to the last run, and that night I took a two hour nap. I guess snowboarding is more tiring than you’d think!


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