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Saying good bye to a friend.

Today my mood matches the dreary gray skies that have taken over California for the past few days. Last night my brother told me that my dog that I’ve had from 5th grade on, Cody, has cancer and has to be put to sleep. I’m very sad because he was a part of our family for so long. I also am sad becuase I think it’s one of the things I realized it would be really hard to say good bye too because he loved my Mom so much. He was her dog and they had a very special relationship. I knew this day would come but I also didn’t think that it would be so hard. I know all dogs go to Heaven though and I’m glad he won’t have to suffer while having cancer. I’ll miss you little buddy.

Trying to take a Christmas card picture with two dogs? Now that’s a challenge. He is a Shetland sheepdog and we got him at the pound when he was only one. He lived a good life and I’m glad he was a part of my life.

Hopefully next week the skies will clear and the sun will come back.


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