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First, I must say that I am completely so encouraged by you guys and the post yesterday. Your kind words do mean the world to me and I’m glad that you understand. By no means am I getting rich, but I really, really struggled with that for like 6 months. So thank you for the kindness.

So by no means am I an exercise guru. I run. That’s what I know how to do. I’m not the fastest girl out there, but I enjoy running and that is what is important to me. Doing it because I enjoy it. But even running can be sketchy at times. Like lately, I haven’t run in a long time due to the weather we’ve been having. I planned to run last night and came home to a downpour so instead I did some yoga, showered and ended up at Karaoke with friends. I didn’t sing but next week I told everyone I would. That should be interesting, hopefully there won’t be any videos. With all this rain we’ve been having around these parts and my immense love for the glorious booty shorts that usually can be found on any picture on my website, a perky butt is a huge asset that I must keep working at. Asset! That just made me die laughing. So I do these simple exercises in the safety and seclusion of my own Cave, basically so that no one will see me doing them besides my roommate, who was the one who took these pictures and let’s face it, she already knows I’m cuckoo. Why I’m posting them online for the world to see? I’m asking myself the same question.

I start off with some Donkey Kicks. I do three sets of twenty on each leg. I really like these and they are super easy. I feel like these work the butt good and also the area under the butt cheek? Weird. These make me the most sore. If I stop doing them for a week and then start back up, I can totally feel it the next day, and though being sore stinks, it does mean that you worked something.

Get on all fours like a dog. Keeping one knee on the ground, tuck your leg into your chest and then kick it out back behind you. Make sure when you kick your leg out that you flex your butt and hold it really tight. If you are doing it right it will burn right in the lower area of your butt. Also, don’t do it too fast, take your time and really extend your leg.

This is the leg kicked out. Keep your leg straight and just remember, the slower you can do it the better. Try to keep your back flat and tighten your butt. Tight, tight, tight like a tiger!

Next we have the most flattering option, politically correct they would be called the Pelvic Thrust. I call them the Humpers ala my track coach in high school. Three sets of twenty of these and you’ll feel the burn.

Pretty much the best picture ever. HA! So when you ‘thrust’ upwards, make sure that you are squeezing your butt together. If you are doing it right, your butt will be feeling tired by the end of the sets. Really squeeze and you’ll feel it a lot more. Also, engaged your core when you go up and use your quads to push yourself up instead of your arms or other parts of your body.

Then you can do regular old lunges. I really hate doing lunges, but I know they strengthen your legs and butt.

Make sure when you go ‘down’ you are not hurting your knees. If you go down too quickly you can hurt your knees and make sure that you are only doing a few to begin with because these will make you more sore than anything else! I don’t let my knee hit the ground when I’m doing lunges either. I just go down and back up and then do the other leg so that I stay in one place. These are definitely not my favorite, but doing them on occasion mixes things up. Also it was brought to my attention that I’m doing these wrong and I totally forgot to focus on my form while taking the pictures of the lunges. Make sure that the front of the of the knee that is at a 90 degree angle doesn’t go over the front of the toe. So in this picture it would be the right leg knee is in front of the toe. Lunge example fail. BUT you get the picture.

Also walking stairs is a great workout for the butt as well, and adding donkey kicks while walking up the stairs is another great option that really focuses on the butt. It might look stupid, but donkey kicks works really well on the stairs. Also, walking up stairs can work the butt just as good as running up them. The key that really works for me is doing everything slowly and really focusing on the muscles. That’s just me at least and the key to any exercise is finding what works for you. I can’t believe I just posted those pictures.

Now, get perky!


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