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Little Debbie’s Little Disappointments

So in hopes to eat ‘healthier’, relative to me, which means not eating fast food like it’s my 2nd job, I have been packing my lunch every day to bring to work. I have two lunch bags that I choose from, which I enjoy, and I also went to the market to get some lunch foods for my new lunch packing routine. Now, this reminds me of going to elementary, middle and high school and when I brought my lunch to school. This lunch included a bag of chips, a sandwich, a cookie or some type of ‘dessert’, some type of granola bar and fruit of some sort. Today, not much has changed in my lunch, most of the time it’s some type of fruit cup, a sandwich of some sort or instead of a sandwich, I’ll get crazy and bring a Cup-o-Noodle, or leftover Macaroni and Cheese from the night before, a bag of chips, a granola bar, and the ‘dessert’. I have been known to eat some cinnamon graham crackers as well. I know, I eat like I’m 12.

When shopping at the market, I search high and low for things to put in my lunch that will keep me full for the day. I also try to switch it up from day to day. I think I might have something called food ADD because I get really bored with eating the same things. I also don’t eat salad. I am not a rabbit, so I will not be eating LEAVES. So most of the time I either have a chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese, or a peanut butter and jelly. Thrilling. I like to either get Pop Chips, Sun Chips, or on occasion Doritos, “Tacos at Midnight” or Cheetos “Puffs”. For the dessert, I found these little gems the other day while in Target. I was super excited to try them out, you know, the box looks appealing and I perhaps may be one to judge a book by it’s cover.

I thought, this would be a perfect addition to my lunch for my dessert! I am not the biggest chocolate person, but I knew that I could try these out, see if I ended up liking them, and 100 calories sounds good on paper. I used to LOVE Little Debbie stuff when I was a kid and she never disappointed before. Those oatmeal cookies with the frosting in the middle, Holy Toledo, those were the BEST. I would trade anything for those bad boys at lunch time. The other morning, I’m packing my lunch, getting everything ready, and I open the box for the first time. Imagine my extreme disappointment when THIS fell into my hand.

Excuse me? Miss Little Debbie? What is THAT? I understand obviously, I bought the 100 calorie pack, and that means portion control, and let’s all be real for a second, a cake for 100 calories? How true can this be? Well obviously it can’t be true! This little guy is SUPER tiny. I mean, I pretty was like, welp, that was pointless. Here’s a picture of it at my desk next to the normal sized pen I use.

I seriously laughed at these little things, then I ate it, and it was just as disappointing. You broke my heart Little Debbie. Just give me my cookie next time!


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