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Big Red Bus Birthday Celebration + 11 Miles

Friday night was DJ’s birthday celebration. There is a red, touristy looking, double decker bus that many people rent out for events, and DJ rented it out for her birthday. It drives around to around 3 bars and you can drink on the bus and let me just tell you, it was a blast! I’ve been on it twice before for two other friends birthdays and its always so much fun. For fist pump fest 2010 we hit up a few bars and somehow 15 people ended up sleeping at our 900 square foot apartment. Stepping over all them to go on my run Saturday morning was funny.

DJ and I before heading out to the bus. We are a little obsessed with the ridiculous show that is Jersey Shore, so our shirts said Gym. Tan. Laundry and then underneath it said Fist Pump Fest 2010. There was a lot of fist pumping going on, that’s for sure.

Before we even left the Cave there was fist pumping going on! It was so much fun and everyone had a blast, needless to say, getting up early the next morning for my suppose to be thirteen miler and ended up to be an eleven miler because I procrastinated and was tired made my run a little less desirable.

So I started out feeling alright on my run and just took off. I knew I would have to run out for about 6.5 miles and then come back home to finish it off and make sure I got all my miles in. Well somewhere along the route I got kind of lost and was running along side the side of a busy street in the gutter because there was no sidewalk. Not the best idea but sometimes I get adventurous and try to find new routes to run on around my house and then I get kind of lost and I don’t know the terrain that well. Not good on my part, but now I know where I can’t run. It was overall a good run though, once I got out of running in the gutter. Luckily there weren’t too many people out since it was somewhat early, but still, I need to be careful. It got a little warm by the end, but my knee didn’t give me any problems and I only got hungry towards miles 9-11.

Then I swam that evening because my legs were so sore and I knew getting in the pool would make me feel better, which was true. I also knew it would be good since I was going to be running six miles in the morning for the LA marathon course preview, which will be posted tomorrow. Overall, this weekend was a success of working out, but I’ve come to realize that come Monday, I’m SO happy for a rest day since I’m working out so much on the weekends now. Ahhh, sleep!

It’s suppose to rain every day this week so we’ll see how much running and swimming I get in with this crazy weather!


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