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10 miles, Boating and Cheering!

Ohhhh weeee! I’m excited for this week! I have so many exciting things going on it seems, including a giveaway, a sweet review and of course, a huge announcement on Wednesday! So prepare yourselves! I got in a 10 miler on Saturday and the first 3 miles I was tired and knew it would be a long run to get through. Then I started slowing down a tad, and for some reason when mile 6 came around I thought, four more of this and you’re done. I turned it on and brought it home with no knee pain and really felt great. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to run this distance so I was really happy I could still pull it off. I iced a lot when I got home and then spent the afternoon tooling around the Long Beach Bay on a boat. It was really fun to see the areas where I had just ran and it was a gorgeous day!

Loved looking downtown and seeing all the pretty buildings and boats! It was so sunny and just so much fun. I have never been on a boat in the ocean before, only on a lake!

Then we cruised around over to San Pedro, which is a huge port where tons of container ships come into. It was really crazy to see how many boats were in the port and how massive they were. Those containers are stacked so high! It was very interesting to me. It also reminded me of Whale Wars and the Nissa Maru! Bad Nissa Maru!

Then, of course, we had to cruise by the firehouse and see the fire boats. That huge gun looking thing that is on the front of the boat shoots water. It was such a nice boat and it’s crazy how much water is can hold and shoot out of that gun. Another very interesting and different experience. Overall it was a great day though and relaxing after my ten miler.

Then this past Sunday was a fun little race that took place in LA called the 13.1 Marathon. Kind of an oxy-moron since it’s a half marathon, but whatever works. I went to actually cheer for some of my friends with my good friend and my big asian brother, Billy. We geared up on bikes and I wore my tutu for fun too. It was even more fun since we brought along a boom-box. I kept yelling Keep it up the entire race. Billy told me some guys might have a problem with that. So then I apologized it anyone had that problem. We thought of other good things to yell, like you are looking really hot, and it was a ton of fun!

My good friend Chris and I before he took off for 13.1. He recently completed his first Ironman and is such a fun, vivacious guy. I love his encouraging words and really look up to him!

Billy and I first posted up at mile 1. Riding our bikes there was pretty chilly since it was pretty early in the morning still. We also set up our boombox and all the homeless people in the area loved it. I also had a homeless man tell me he loved my tutu. Precious.

Some fast people flying by the first mile of the race! We were cheering our hearts out for everyone, and I tried to be entertaining and funny. That is what always makes me laugh when I’m running so I attempted.

Chris is the best! He is always so pumped up out there and cheering for him is really easy because you can tell he totally appreciates it and is all about pumping up the crowd too. He did awesome.

Here is Billy and I amp’ed up for some people. Yea, totally cheering poses. We took a ton of pictures and even made some fun videos.

My crazy running friend Emil was out on the course too! He was volunteering with Team World Vision and passing out water. Many thanks to all volunteers for all races!



After the race we caught up with our good friend Stuart. Stuart is the shiek runner! He is hilarious and is a CRAZY long distance runner. Billy also found some ultra runners, and about pee’d his pants when he saw them. It was fun to see such a community come out and everyone was so nice and thanked us for cheering and being such great supporters.

I saw Chris before the race, and after! My friend Rich Cruse took these photos, check out his site, if you get the chance, he is a great sports photographer, and I’m lucky I’ve met him.

As you can tell it was a beautiful day. Wow, this nice camera makes the tutu look bright! I also met Majken who is the sweetest. Such great people out for such a fun race! (Picture by Rich Cruse again)

Then, a little girl came up to me and wanted to talk to me. She told me that she liked to wear her tutu too and she thought I looked very nice in my tutu.

Cutest moment EVER!

The course was a flat, out and back course and it seemed that many runners liked it a lot and I heard from everyone that is was amazingly organized. For an inaugural event it sounded like everyone had a blast, so great job!


Watch out now, ready for some videos!

First off, Billy is made to be a back-up dancer! Check out his sweet moves while cheering!

Then I decided to do a cartwheel. I’m just glad I didn’t land on my head.

Lastly, we have me cheering and doing some sweet moves as well. Embarrassing to say the least! For those of you who think I might be peppy, no, I was never a cheerleader.

Overall it was a really fun day though and even though it was exhausting, I know that cheering for people makes such a huge difference. I truly appreciate everyone who cheers for me when I’m out running in races too. I am so glad today is a rest day because I am sore and tired. I can’t wait to share the cool product I have for review tomorrow and my announcement on Wednesday!


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