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Zensah Long Sleeve Compression Shirt Review + Giveaway!

Happy December dos! So this month I’m going to try to have a giveaway a week because you know, I’m trying not to be the grinch! So to start off the month we have a Zensah giveaway! And hello horrific iPhone pictures! Thank you for joining us on this review of the Zensah Long Sleeve Compression Shirt review today! So most people go ‘taper crazy’, I’ve talked about how I don’t go taper crazy because I’m like thank the Lord I’m not running 239472984732 miles and I can’t ever do anything else with my life. Especially right now, I’m all about creeping under my sheets for as long as humanly possible in the mornings, and I’m am relishing in the fact that my legs still feel like they are stuck in the mud. This morning I definitely didn’t get up early to run and it was glorious. The final countdown to CIM continues on. Oh well, I have a sweet Zensah shirt to tell you guys about, so that is exciting!


So a little while ago I received the Zensah Long Sleeve compression top and was asked to do a review on the shirt. I usually review products that I love on here and this shirt was no different! I really don’t need incredibly cold weather wear out here in California but when you get up at 5 am to run, it’s still pretty brisk out in the mornings. If there is one thing about me, it’s that I DO not like the cold, like I DO not like the water. I could be part cat. I get cold really easily and I HATE being cold. I know I better not complain too much though because I’ve seen some crazy pictures and heard stories of people running in extreme conditions so I’m thankful for no snow or  frozen grass!

So back to the shirt! I really like the fact that it doesn’t have a tag and doesn’t have it’s logo all over the entire shirt or some weird, freaky design. I opted for black because A. it’s slimming, and B. white tight things just don’t look good on my body. So it’s seamless which is amazing, and moisture wicking, which shouldn’t all running shirts be? Amazing.


The brand is right on the neck area and is screen printed on. One of my FAVORITE things about all thing Zensah is the fabric. Their fabric is really rich and soft. When I say soft it’s by far the softest material I have in all my running clothes. I love their arm-warmers and LOVE their sports bras. They are my number one go-to’s when it comes to sports bras, perhaps I will do a more in depth review of their sports bras soon, but you can check out Aron’s Review of the Zensah sports bra here. So, I received the L/XL shirt in black and tried it out the next morning. One other thing about it that I NEVER like my stomach to show at all. I was nervous if I got the smaller shirt it would be too short and I love long running shirts.

The L/XL was large and it is very, very stretchy. I swear you could probably stretch this little shirt over an elephant. Another good thing is that there are no seams on the shirt. It’s SO soft and a great base-layer for running if you are living in a colder area, or a great long sleeve if you are running in an area like myself where it’s chilly but not too cold. I really like how warm it kept me. Also, since I got the L/XL, the sleeves are WAY long and I LOVE that! I love it because I can pull it over my hands and wear it almost like mittens! Maybe that’s just a feature that I like, but I love long sleeves, and with the stretchiness of the fabric it works out perfectly.

Excuse the pile in the bottom right hand corner, I took those clothes to the thrift store. :) Another great aspect of the shirt that I really liked was the fact that it was snug in all the right places. It never rode up and didn’t chafe even after I wore it three days in a row.


Now this may sound disgusting, BUT, I must be honest here. I usually can wear a dri-fit shirt once, sometimes twice if I do lower mileage. Dri-fit and these type of materials that I usually run in perhaps start to stink a little faster than normal tees. So I wanted to see how long the Zensah shirt would last. I ran 4 miles three times in this shirt and it didn’t really smell bad at all. Granted I wasn’t sweating since it was cold out and it wasn’t a long distance where I was going to get really sweaty, but I was surprised how it didn’t hold in the stink like other dri-fits and nicer material shirts I have.

So overall, this shirt was a big time win for me. I really, really like the softness of the material, the overall fit and the comfort are great as well. It really kept me warm and I was never chattering my teeth and not enjoying my run. The bonus non-stink factor is pretty sweet and the stretchiness is pretty amazing!


Zensah also wants to give one lucky commenter a shirt as well! You can get TWO entries to this contest. All you have to do is leave a comment about one time when you were freezing cold and had to run.

IE: ” Well hello Danica, I was freezing cold this morning when it was -24 degrees here in Canada and I put on three sweatshirts and a beanie and went out for my run and I fell on frozen grass and sprained my ankle.”

I like to read funny things…. Also, for a 2nd entry, you can tweet about the giveaway. You can follow my twitter here, and Zensah’s twitter here. Please include both @chicrunner and also @Zensah in the tweet saying you saw the giveaway on my blog, or you wanted the win the shirt, whatever you want basically. It’s open for both guys and girls and they will let the winner choose the size and color.

I will pick the winner next Tuesday after CIM, if I’m still alive!

So get to commenting so you don’t have to run in the cold anymore!


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