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Weekend of Resting

I wish I could say that I had a kick butt weekend in the workout department but I seemed to have fallen under the weather again and haven’t worked out at all. I did eat a lot of delicious Christmas goodies though, so that must be a few arm curls right?

My legs are feeling back to 100% but my body is not agreeing with me right now. I feel so run down and exhausted all the time still. I have had a sore throat since Friday and also a migraine/head cold. Two of my favorite things paired with a sore throat makes me pretty useless in the working out/motivation department.

It’s crazy how much I do already want to run again, though this pesky little cough and the fact I can’t breathe through my nose doesn’t help the cause much. I know when my body is ready to run again I’ll be able to, and until that time I have to sit back and relax and just try to get better. Plus it’s probably better since I worked a lot on my sample pieces and personal essay this weekend and it was raining the whole weekend basically. At least I wasn’t in training and had to do a training run! That would have been miserable!

Anyways, I actually get a lot of questions about how I carry my ipod on my iFitness belt instead of on my armband. I used to always carry it on my armband but once I got the new case having it on my belt seemed to work out much better with the headphones cord. Here’s one similar to the case I have.

Ipod Nano Case

Belkin Case

You can google ‘belt clip ipod case’ or something along those lines and some ideas will come up. I have found they also carry them at best buy and at the Apple store. I just like mine with the belt clip because my arms are small and sometimes when the case gets sweaty it starts to slide down. That’s a personal preference though.

Speaking of iFitness belts, I have a SWEET new review coming up! I got the neoprene belt and can’t wait to tell you guys about it. I also have had a lot of people tell me that they got the belt and they LOVE it. I seriously do too. It holds just the right amount of stuff and attaching pouches and an assortment of other articles to it works well! Someone asked me the other day if I got referrals or commissions off the stuff that I review on here. Nope. Just want to tell you guys about sweet products that really have helped me! :)

So you guys ALWAYS say I look great in race pictures. Well CIM wasn’t the best day and the pictures didn’t turn out so wonderful either.


Eyes closed, and I have a peg leg. Win.


I’m kind of smiling, but I’m so ashamed I can’t even look at the camera. HA!

bad race2

Ugh! Get this stupid race over with. I’m freezing to death!


And here I am saying, Welp, CIM, you totally killed me, I’m DONE here. :)

Tomorrow I’m going to post about some training plans!


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