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Porta-Potty Blue was my color at CIM

So perhaps you followed along on my festive marathon run yesterday via twitter.

Then you know I got sicky mcthrowup pooperson.

Life goes on. The race was going well. Mile 12 came and I knew I was getting sick. Mile 13.1 and the fun began. Then it was my goal to just finish the race. I finished in 4:22:32. Not my best time, but not the worst. I threw up three times, one time in front of fireman, which was epic and went to the bathroom twice. If I had to pee, I would say, I went pee twice. So, yea think about that one. And, no, I don’t know what made me sick, or I wouldn’t have done it. I think all signs are pointing to the course drink though.

The race is done, and I did it. I still completed my goal of running three marathons in three months! That’s all that I wanted. I don’t feel bad about my time and I don’t feel upset like I did after San Diego.

This race was REALLY tough, at mile 10 my legs were KILLING me. They were like “Hi! We JUST ran Malibu! We are done now.” They were so cold that they were frozen. Oh and yes, it was FREEZING. I NEVER warmed up, another struggle. Alas, the full race report will probably be up on Wenesday, and it will be pretty craptastic, but humerous none the less I’m hopeful for. But as for now, you can go read the “cold weather running comments” and enter to win the Zensah shirt, which I DID end up wearing yesterday and am SO thankful I did. I am going to announce the winner tomorrow.

Right now I’m really sore. Sore in places that I haven’t been sore before. I think it’s the cold, mixed with three marathons in three months, mixed with just being run down. I’m excited because today is the first time I’ve taken the day off work after a marathon and I’m going to spend time with my friends in San Fran for the day.

Someone asked me, “Why do you keep running if you get sick all the time?”

All I could think of is, “Why do you ride a bike if you know there’s a chance you can fall off? Why drive a car if you know there’s a chance you can get in an accident?”

Running is what I do and something I love. I’m thankful I can do it, and though it was a tough race for me, it’s done. I ran three marathons in three months.



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