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Mileage for 2009 and last reflections

I started off the year with my Nike Plus recording all my running activities. When I realized that the Plus was a little shall we say, miscalculated, I decided it was time to up my game and purchase the big boy, the Garmin forerunner 305, thus Claude entered my life:

Yup, that’s the picture I took after the Long Beach Marathon. :) I really think that with Claude in my life, my running has improved simply by the fact that he is very accurate and also mostly very reliable. I can see my splits and distance easily and it’s very consistent. So, keeping track of my running before Claude with the Nike Plus said that I ran 198.26 miles for the months of January through March. Then I got Claude and he stated that I ran 596.46 miles for the remainder of the year. Now, I know I’ve ran some without Claude so I’m giving myself 50 free miles where I didn’t keep track of everything. That puts me roughly at 844.72, so I’m rounding up and saying I ran 850 miles this year. It’s relatively not that many, but I’m happy with the number.

I am not that anal about keeping track of mileage and that is perhaps one of my goals for the year of 2010. We’ll see, that post is up tomorrow, since it’s the first day of 2010, I will start it off right with some goals!

I think overall, this year I pretty much knocked it out of the park. I wasn’t even planning to run a marathon at the beginning of the year. I wanted to wait until 2010. Then I ran not one, not two, not three, but four, the last three being in the last three months of the year. So what made me go crazy?

I can’t answer that. I guess I just got the itch. Deep down, I knew I could do it, it was the matter of just getting it done. I always say that everyone can run, and it’s true. Running is completely a mental sport. Believe me, when I was at mile 19 and throwing up during CIM, I didn’t want to keep running. I didn’t want to keep going, but it was mind over matter. I HAD to do it. You too can do it, anyone can. It was one of those things where I just kind of went, “Okay, get it done.” It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always fun, nor warm, but I did it. I still can’t believe I did that. Why did I want to do it? Maybe that will come to me someday, as for now, I thought it would be fun, and who knew if I would ever run three marathons that closely together again in my life.

It was a great year of injury-free running and I got my sub-four in the Long Beach marathon. That made me incredibly happy. Funny thing was though, it was never my 2009 goal, but now that I have it, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. That day continues to remind me that running is magical. Setting out to accomplish a goal is something that many chose not to do, and though it wasn’t my initial goal, somehow along the way, I knew I could do it, and accomplishing it meant everything to me.

People always are talking about Boston. When are you going to qualify. You are so fast. You can do it no problem. Well, here is my answer concerning Boston. I ran hard for four years of my life in high school. I was constantly training, constantly pushing myself and bettering myself as a runner. I was always at that threshold where it’s “go all out until you puke” running. I worked out year round, playing soccer, running cross country and track and during the summer training for cross-country. Right now, I honestly have no desire to train for Boston and attempt to qualify. Right now, for me, running is about enjoying every step I’m allowed to take, and pushing myself forward. Maybe next year I’ll get that drive and intense desire to try to qualify, but for me, right now, I love running for no particular reason besides just being able to do it. I have my sub-four, and until I have the dream for Boston, I’m so incredibly happy with that sub-four.

Entering 2010, it will be my 10th year running. That’s a long time. I have spent a huge part of my life running, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Running gives my mind peace, gives my body something to do and allows me to feel and explore my emotions when I’m completely by myself. It has brought me the ability to experience so many different types of emotions. From complete happiness and joy, to defeat and failure, but in the end, I always come back to it. It’s always there for me when I need to just lace up my shoes and head out and that is what I love about running. Not every run will be great, and not every run will be horrible, but it’s the ones that teach you something about yourself, that you couldn’t have learned any other way, those are the memorable ones.

Here’s to the good, the best, the fast, the soggy, the fun, the craptastic and the horrible runs that I have to look forward too in 2010. Cheers!


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