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It’s official! I’m Maniac Number 2034

So last night I applied to be in the Marathon Maniacs club!

I got approved and then applied to get my official number. I refreshed g-mail about 1,875,483,287 times in anticipation of the email arriving with my number. I couldn’t wait! FINALLY it arrived and now I’m officially a Marathon Maniac! My number is 2034 and it’s even better because my friend Tara, who I decided join the club with is Maniac number 2033. We are maniacs next to each other!


Maniac 2033 and Maniac 2034!

When I got the email finally, I was so excited and I felt so accomplished! Even though this race this past weekend wasn’t everything I wanted and ended up being pretty pooptacular, it still got me my maniac status and I’m so happy that now I’m officially a Marathon Maniac. Who would have ever thought that I would make it that far and become a maniac! Hooray!

My legs are starting to feel a little bit better and I’m excited to run again. Well, excited to just work out again in general. I won’t run until this weekend though or possibly next week, which works out well because there are a few big rain storms coming in and if you all think I don’t fare well in the cold, rain is a whole new world of hurt for me. Especially since I’ve been back in Southern CA, it seems to be just as cold as Sacramento! Brrrrr! This weekend is going to consist of a grad school applications, laundry, cleaning and doing sit ups. I’m excited to start working out on more things besides just miles upon miles. Time for a break legs!


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