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Dear Legs.

Dear Legs,

We have spent 24 wonderful years together. We have been through thick and thin together. Kind of. Thankfully, you never got too thick, and all this running has surely helped you out. You are nice and long and treat me well and get me to many places. I am so thankful to have you. Luckily, you have never been broken or majorly hurt, which is a big plus! You know how to pedal on my beach cruiser, you have gotten me running over 800 miles this year alone, and gotten me through three marathons and numerous other races. We did that together little buddies! I know I told you after the San Diego Marathon I wouldn’t make you got the 26.2 distance ever again. I’m sorry I lied to you, I didn’t know what I was talking about at the time. I’m sorry I took advantage of you and if you didn’t know it, we have one more to go this year. One more! We can do it! Together!

And oh by the way, that 26.2er? It’s this weekend? Yay?! Please don’t give me that look. I’m sorry, I thought not telling you until it got really close would make it seem better. Bad idea?

Right now you are reminding me of two tree stumps stuck in the mud. I feel like every run I’m trying to drag you out of quicksand and you are stuck, stuck, stuck. Every time I run you seem to be really mad at me, when I thought we were friends here. I mean you can’t really go that far, we’re in this together. I know I don’t take the very best care of you that I could. I know, I know, I should stretch more or maybe at all, that might be beneficial. A warm up lap would also make a big difference but sometimes I just don’t have time. I could cool down, but I just… I have no really good excuse, but yea. I know you don’t like icing my ankles but it’s good for you! See, I do care about you! I know I bruise like a peach, and often times my legs are a minefield of little black splotches, but seriously, I don’t mean to be the biggest klutz and bump into everything, including my bed, my desk, my door frame and numerous walls in my house. I apologize! I’m sorry that I don’t use Theragesic as much as I should, and that I don’t get longer massages.

And those ice baths you hate? Seriously, they are so helpful! I am freezing too! Oh, now your bringing up the past? I know you took some pretty intense hits when I played soccer in high school, those girls were crazy! It’s not all completely my fault. And about running the hurdles in high school, yea, I got the knees pretty beat up on the 100s. The 300s were tough too. I realize.  I have beat you up in the past but at least I rarely wear heels! You have to give me some credit here.

I do appreciate you though, seriously. This year you have taken me great places. I never even guessed I would have run a full marathon in 2009, none the less closing in on my fourth one of the year this weekend. I remember running the Kaiser Half and PR-ing and feeling great the entire race! Then at Surf City we had a little hiccup together, but we made it through. Then we made it through that insane 6 day, 18 week (NEVER AGAIN) training plan for San Diego. Sadly, San Diego was a bad, bad day but we don’t discuss that day anymore thankfully. Then we rested and came back better than ever and romped Long Beach! Do you remember how great that felt? I know you loved running the streets of Long Beach. Come on! One more this year, we can do it together.

I know, I left out Malibu for a reason. That was a tough day, and yes, I know you were ashamed of that tutu. You looked good in it, but those chafe marks it left were a little hideous.  Those hills were pretty brutal and I do apologize, we were not prepared for that. That’s why we’ve been traveling on the different paths we have been. So we can get in a little more hill time and get a little stronger. I know you can make it another marathon, so dig deep here. We’ve been running hills so we won’t be so tired come mile 24 this weekend.

I promise if you get me through this weekend I will do anything for you! Wait, you want me to stop running? Well, what can we compromise on? I will get an extra long massage after CIM. I will ice you super well, and guess what, after CIM we can take a nice long break! Maybe, about a week sound good? We won’t run another marathon for at least three months! That’s how many marathons you’ve run in the LAST three months! We can go back to the track and work on speed work. I know you’d like that. Maybe we’ll run a short 5k! I know you love a good 5k.

I know, this weekend, kind of snuck up on us, huh? Can you pull your act together and stop feeling like you got ran over though? Please? I would really appreciate it!

Also, want to know a secret? I really want to start swimming… Just shhhhh don’t tell my arms. :)


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