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CIM, you ain’t got nuthin’ on me!

Let’s do this. It’s game time for this marathon and I got my ear-warmers and my mittens and I’m ready to freeze my tail off in my booty shorts. Time to put the SAC in SAC TOWN!

Maniac? more like Manica! :) Actually some of my friends call me that because of my guyish tendencies which include drinking beer and watching all sports and being somewhat jockish and occasionally yelling at the TV during sporting events. Yea, I have a fantasy football team and I am kind of a Manica I guess. Neither here nor there.

I can’t believe this is my last marathon of the year, nor can I believe I’m running another marathon. Does that even make sense at all? I mean, I ran four marathons this year. I ran my first marathon this year. I ran my BEST marathon this year. I ran a marathon in a tutu and now I’m going to bring a shovel to Sac town to bury myself up there. If I make it out alive, then I become a marathon maniac for running three marathons in three months, my initial goal. If you would have told me that this would happen back in May I would have laughed in your face. Seriously. I had NO plans to do this, and now 3 miles turns into 6 miles and 6 miles into 12 miles and 12 miles to 20 miles and before I knew what I was doing I’m toeing another starting line of 26.2 miles.

This marathon is the one I am by far the most nervous about. It’s really taking me out of my element and I’m scared of what might happen. I literally could be on the side of the road crying. Me? Being dramatic? Never! I know I have to just man-up and get it done though. It’s just the cold.

Side note: This homie doesn’t do cold. Like AT ALL. I think cold is 50 degrees. Last night when purchasing my ear-warmers it was roughly like 61 when I left the store. I was freezing. I am usually ALWAYS cold, so Sac town better not beat me down with this number that it will be at the start line that I don’t even want to mention. After my ear-warmer purchase, I came home and had my obligatory pre-race cry, in my ear-warmers. I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror and just cried. That happened. Now, I’m better for it and ready to bend Sac town over… Wait, WHAT?!

So goals. You all want goals. Well, well, well, here’s some solid goals I got for you guys.

1. FINISH another marathon. Yea, no matter who you are, no matter where your running, the temps, nothing, it’s still a long way to go. Literally, legs, you are running 26.2 miles, so get ready. You might say, “Oh, but of course you’re going to finish!” and yes, that might be true, but before starting every race I think, this is a LONG way. But seriously at mile 22 when I want to quit, I’ll think of you guys. When my legs hurt and my teeth are chattering and I feel like I can’t go on, I know it’s only four more miles and I just want to get under that finish line.

2. I obviously want to have tons and tons of fun and don’t want to die. A bunch of my best friends are up there so I know the fun thing will be taken care of no problem. I can’t wait to see everyone again and I’m so excited for our girls weekend, unfortunately, during this girls weekend I have to run a marathon. Dying, well ¬†hopefully that doesn’t happen either.

3. So I want to sub four. I said it. If I don’t go under four hours, or as close as I possibly can to four hours, I will be somewhat upset with myself, but whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I’m really going to push myself throughout the race so we’ll see what I got in the tank. I’m tired and exhausted but I’m also a game-timer. I get amp’ed to race and this is going to be no difference. Game on! I hate giving myself goals like this but seriously, I want to do it again. I want to have another Long Beach.

I feel like this marathon is either going to be a complete strikeout or a homerun, so just call me Vladimir Guerrero. So I’m Sac’ed up and ready to get this race done. I’ve got my suitcases packed, I leave tonight at 9 pm, and I’m ready to dominate.

CIM, you ain’t got nuthin’ on this face….


It’s going to be a great weekend, Marathon Maniacs, you better get ready for another member to join your group of crazies! I haven’t yet decided if I will be twittering from the race BUT, I will have my cell phone with me on the course, so that means I most likely will.

Four marathons in a year? Didn’t think that would happen, but let’s do this people!


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