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2009 Races and Medals

So as I said yesterday in the video post, I am really going to have reflective posts every day this week about what I think this year has meant to me running wise and how ‘far’ I’ve come. This post I’ve taken pictures of all the medals I’ve got this year. Some were earned by placing in a race, but most were just from running the given race.

I started off the year running in the Kaiser Half Marathon in Irvine, CA and finished in 1:48:43, which was about a nine minute PR from my first half marathon ever in October. I really enjoyed that race and had a lot of fun that day. Then I ran in the Surf City half marathon. I really hated this race, and that’s why this year I hopefully can have revenge come February.

Surf City Half Marathon


Then I ran the Race on the Base 10k, which was a fun smaller race. I actually placed 3rd in my Age Group but didn’t have the best race. That was the race where I really realized I didn’t like 10ks.

Race On The Base 10k


Somehow I got sucked into running a trail run. I liked to think of this trail run as the march of death. It was a 25k (15 miles) and I was DEAD after that for a good week. The hills of Malibu killed me. But, I did complete the Malibu Creek 25k in 3:38:51. Then we had the glorious San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon aka the worst race ever. Ah, what memories. Oddly enough this is also hands down the ugliest medal I have too. Really? A wind-surfer? Yuck. I hate you San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon.

San Diego Marathon ( My first Marathon )


I was going to run a half marathon in March, but had a crazy cough so I opted out and ran the 5k instead in the Wine Country 5k in Paso Robles. I was an idiot and lost the key to the car and had to loop back around mid-race to find it. I also wasn’t wearing my garmin, so I am pretty sure I finished around 27:05. It’s a funny story though.

In April I ran the Seal Beach 10k. I also took this race to a weird new level by running 2 miles to the start, running the race and then running the 2 miles back home. I finished with a time of 50:34 for that race.

Then I went up to San Francisco to complete the CA Dreamin’ series, which was the reason I ran my first half marathon back in October of 2008, in Long Beach. I ran Surf City in February, and then completed the series with the San Francisco half in July. It was a blast and really got me back into thinking about running another marathon.

San Francisco Half Marathon


Since I completed the CA Dreamin’ Series I got one of my favorite medals, this BEAST!

Then I ran a 5k at Angel Stadium for fun with a friend. It was really a fun course and I placed first in my age group!

Guy Poncy Memorial 5k


Then, as you all know, I ran the Long Beach Marathon looking for redemption and had the best day of my life. It was everything I’ve ever wanted and I love the medal from that race. It was the star of my small Christmas tree this year.

Long Beach Marathon


Then I ran the Nike Human Race 10k, which was fun and not very competitive, and I really enjoyed the race.

USC Human Race 10k


Then we had the Heroes for Hope 10k, where I also placed first in my age group. I really pushed myself that race and it paid off. I got a new PR!

Heroes for Hope 10k


Shortly after that I ran the Malibu Marathon, in a tutu. It was a fun but tiring race and that is where I started to deteriorate health wise. Too many races! ha ha.

Malibu Marathon


I finished off the year with the California International Marathon in Sacramento which was the demise of me. Seriously. So cold. That is the only way I can describe that race. But I finished, and became a Marathon Maniac!

California International Marathon


Compared to 2008, where I ran ONE half marathon, and ONE 5k, I guess you can say that I went a little race crazy!

I raced two 5ks (3.1 miles), four 10ks (6.2 miles), 3 half marathons (13.1 miles), one 25k (15 miles) and four full marathons (26.2 miles).

So overall, this year has been a great year full of many medals from many different events. I can’t wait to reveal what races I want to run next year!


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