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2009 in Videos

My Christmas was grand and I was completely spoiled. I got the Uggs I wanted, some wonderful Forever 21 giftcards, this super sweet teapot which I’m going to make cool tea in and I might say that one of my favorite gifts was a little SWEET dirt devil vacum! I am so excited about it. I can’t wait to use it later today while cleaning my house. I haven’t worked out much because of my knee but I’m going to give it two more days of rest and hope that it heals. The only problem that I’m worried about is the swelling. Tomorrow I am going snowboarding. I am a little worried, but oh well. It will be fun, I’m sure.

So anyways, this last week of 2009 is going to be a full week of  posts that are all reflective. I have a post with all the medals I got in 2009, a picture post (which has way to many pictures on it), a reflective racing post, this video post and the last one will be about what I hope to accomplish in 2010! So 2009 I got a little crazy and thought, hey people might want to see videos of me doing stupid things.

Like, take ice baths:

Run up hills in San Francisco and make fun of the person who got me to start making videos in the first place, LA Runner:

Run half marathons in San Francisco and across the golden gate bridge:

Go through water stops during the San Francisco Marathon to try to show you that they were crazy. This water stop was by far the tamest water stop I’ve EVER been through:

And run marathons in the wind in Malibu in a tutu with Tara:

Walk up hills in Malibu in a tutu during a marathon and be humbled yet again by the distance :

And just for your viewing pleasure, have a cat eat treats off my nose for no apparent reason. And yes, that is the same cat that I found on the side of the road over a year ago! He’s doing well and now weighs in at almost 15 pounds! My cousins, as you can tell, spoil him rotten:

Here’s to more videos of more stupid things in 2010! :)


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