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2009 in Pictures!

Man, this is a lot of reflecting! So I went through my iPhoto and tried to pick out some of the best photos that reminded me of big events that happened throughout 2009. Some are running related and some aren’t. Enjoy! Also, you can click on the pictures and they will pop up. Hooray!

Snowboarding recap will be up on Monday and yes, I have videos of me eating crap. It was a BLAST and I loved it. I can’t wait to go again. I ran a 6 miler this morning without my garmin, it was nice to just run based on feel, it was even drizzling out. I iced my knee after and it’s feeling sub-par, but life goes on. I have no big new years plans, perhaps I will just enjoy a nice evening with my new teapot and my grad school applications. :) I am just not really feeling it this year, plus I know 2010 is just going to be so great so I don’t want to outshine it on the first day!

And I have pink eye. FAIL!


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