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2009 Christmas List + Race Entry Giveaway!

So it’s a week away from Christmas Eve. No time like the present to start asking for gifts right? (that pun killed me) Me, late? Dramatic? Discombobulated? Freaking out? Never! (If you could only see me before I run a marathon. I’m quite the mess)  So without further ado, I give you what I want for Christmas. Choose to purchase anything off this list and I’ll send you my mailing address, no questions asked!

So, most people would expect me to say, “Oh I want all running stuff,” but right now, my running closet is pretty stocked up on wonderful gear and we all know I can’t eat Gus so those are a lost cause. I just got a huge tub of Vaseline… so no need for Body Glide, and I just recently got new shoes, but if anyone is asking, I wear Nike Vomeros in size 7. I prefer the pink ones or the yellow ones. I could always go for more booty shorts, but it’s almost depressing thinking about how long it will be until I can wear them again. Since I do have a life besides running, this list pretty much caters to that.

So besides begging for acceptance to Grad School. (Hey! I want to go to your school! I will pay for classes! I will go to class! I will wear your school sweatshirt with pride and look cute in your colors! I will adorn my car with a sticker of an awkward mascot, since I’m going to a ‘creative’ school, most of their mascots aren’t desirable…. But come on! Let me in!) Here are some other things that I think would be cool to find under my beloved 3 foot tree. Which, is smelling quite wonderful and has brought Christmas cheer to the two residents at the pueblo.

So we all know I have a small, nay, large obsession with Uggs. Judge me all you want Ugg Haters. Since I got my first pair a few years back they have become a winter staple for this sun-loving, so-cal living, cold weather hating girl. I have a pair of the taller Uggs that I got two Christmases ago, that are the light brown color. Then I have my shorter version that I got last Christmas which are a chestunutish brown, if that is even a color. Then I found these and about DIED when I saw them. They left my heart beating so quickly I thought I just finished a 10k. It was glorious and without the whole, “I’m going to throw up feeling.” For some reason they are so beautiful and I want them so badly that I’ve even had two dreams about wearing them with different outfits. Obsessive much? I give you the Ugg Cardy in Grey. Size 6.5 and I will most likely cry tears of joy if I see them Christmas morning.


Then, because I’m a complete freak and paranoid about my computer crashing at any given moment (knock on wood) I would like an external hard drive to back all my stuff up from my Mac that I use for my music and pictures and also I would also like to try to revive the laptop I used in college to get some pictures off of the hard drive. This would be another tears of joy moment because that means I could get back some pictures of my mom and I that I think might not be recoverable. So over Christmas break I hope to back, back, back it up!


If money wasn’t an option at all. I would simply die for this Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. As in probably have a heart attack on the spot and die. It might be the most beautiful thing I’ve laid my eyes on in quite some time. Well, this may be the most glorious thing besides my height-challenged Christmas tree and my blue snuggie. Even though it’s color is “Spinach”, and we ALL know I don’t eat any lettuce or spinach, I will forgive Marc for the horrendous name.  It would be nice to be a socialite sometimes, alas, college applications fees are sucking me dry, but that’s okay. One day I’ll write a book and put it in my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, or maybe I’ll carry it to class where I can mold the young minds of students to help them realize that writing is not the devil incarnate.


Since I’m obsessed with ANYTHING that has a bow on it. Yes, I often gasp at stores when a shirt has a bow, and any thing with a bow is almost certainly snatched up. I also have a small love for headbands. How I love a good headband (I have 29 headbands). It’s like an ornament for your head! I just recently bought this beast of a clip I wouldn’t mind getting this in more colors (I already have pink and taupe) and for $3.80, I’m in love. Forever 21 has the best headband options and they are so inexpensive. I love getting headbands there that I wouldn’t normally buy because they are a little strange, and then one morning when I’m feeling adventurous (or just have horrible hair) I’ll wear them to work for fun. Since I work with all guys, I sometimes get strange looks but headbands make things much more fun!


Nor would I be sad if I got a cute beret or beanie. That would make up for some bad hair days as well. It also makes wearing pigtail braids completely acceptable as you look like a Swiss girl from the alps and everyone thinks you’re cute. Notice I need warm clothes, because perhaps I’m cold all the time.


Then I wanted some mittens because A. they are adorable and B. super functional. Well these ones aren’t since you can’t move your fingers, but still! Who doesn’t want to wear mittens.


Then we have the scarf that I found online, which I LOVE for some reason. Probably the heart detail, I may be a mushy person underneath my sarcastic and cold exterior. I am a sucker for little things like this, and double bonus is the great color that is pretty versatile. I can totally see this being paired up with a white tank and some jeans, or maybe a grey v-neck. Spring and fall scarf along with winter scarf? Score!


I also need a new camera, since if you know me in real life, you’ve heard me talk about the ‘dots on the back of the screen.’ For some reason my camera has two huge dots that show up on the screen when trying to take a picture. The pictures turn out fine but the dots are super annoying and when asking people to take pictures they don’t get why the dots are there. Also, you can’t review pictures on my camera. Alas, it still takes pictures so hopefully I can put off buying one for a while. Plus, I can keep using the child aka my iPhone for pictures, which  the child could also use a new case, but I have one that works right now for that as well.

So that leads me to my last idea of a materialistic thing that I might be wanting come Christmas morning. It seems that I have been invited to go to the snow this winter. THE SNOW. As in I was invited to snowboard. I am going to try to attempt to SNOWBOARD. I have never done this before, or skied before. I usually sit on the plastic dish and slide down the hill at relatively slow speeds, and am completely content with this. So get the splint for my body ready, because broken bones here I come. Well I don’t know where we are going to the snow, and I’m borrowing all my brother’s wonderful girlfriend’s snowboarding stuff when I go up, so I’m already super thankful for that, but whatever warm clothes I can conjure up before the trek up there would be helpful. I do like sweaters and long sleeves of all colors.  I am not completely sure about this snow thing. I haven’t been to the snow since I was a sophomore in  high school, which was a long, long time ago. I am super excited, and super scared. That will be quite the post recap I’m sure. Most likely I’ll take video, hopefully not from the hospital.

So this morning, I RAN! I was so excited I almost tripped about 12 times along the cracked sidewalk but I did it! I’m back! I ran four miles and felt great. It was a brisk morning, but I haven’t ran in over ten days. Once I got going I was reminded why I love running so much. It’s like meeting up with an old friend or something. So we are back on the running path and next week I’ll be sharing the training plan for my next race, the Surf City Half Marathon that will be taking place in February. I am going to be reunited with my love the half marathon! I can’t wait.  I also got this the other day.

swim cap

Do you see what that says? And what color is it? That’s right, it’s a PINK NIKE SWIM CAP in my  hands. So I have no more excuses. Not having a swim cap was a good excuse for a while, but now I have one. The week of Christmas also will be the week of me attempting my first swimming session. It shall be… interesting and I’m sure that will lead to some funny posts as well. All I want for Christmas is  not to drown.

You know what getting up early and swimming and morning workouts means? MORE COFFEE ON THE WAY TO WORK! Red cups unite! Though I look crazy in this picture, I am just very excited for my non-fat sugar free extra foam vanilla latte.


and I totally realized that my shirt is the same color as my snuggie, but wanted to point out that no, I’m not wearing a snuggie as every day attire. SNUG LOVE!

So since I’m having such a snugtastic holiday with my new tree, and hopefully at least one present under it, I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to enter an upcoming race. I was contacted by the 13.1 series of half marathons to run their race in January. Since I’m not racing at all in January, I really wanted to pass along the opportunity to one of my readers in the LA area who was looking to run this race! It’s obviously a half marathon and it’s going to be a BLAST! If I was racing I would have totally signed up. You can find out more about the race at this website. And, if you would like to enter the contest to win a free entry just leave a comment on this post! Make sure that you are willing to run the race, a half marathon,  in Los Angeles on January 10, 2010! Get a second entry by tweeting about the giveaway as well. Just include @chicrunner somewhere in your tweet. Good Luck! I’ll draw the winner on Wednesday of next week!

Tomorrow I have a jam-packed post full of music. Gosh, another pun. I slay myself with my own humor.


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