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2000 meters + Ab workouts + 13.1 Giveaway Winner

Last night on my way home I spent some of the time crying. You may not know this about me, but I cry about a lot of things. Commercials, pretty much every movie, tv shows, the nice things that people take the time to do for me, a sweet card, yea, so pretty much everything. It’s weird because before my mom died, I never remember crying much. Since she died, it seems like I’m making up for all the lost time crying. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a crier now though, so it’s okay. Sometimes the holidays are just a hard time, and though they can make me incredibly happy and remind me of all the blessings I have and how lucky I am to be alive, I still miss memories of my family and especially miss my mom. I can remember her in the kitchen Christmas morning baking tons of goodies for the rest of the day, I remember the traditions we used to all share and those memories make me incredibly happy and also at the same time sad. I never feel sorry for myself, nor do I want people to feel sorry for me, I was lucky enough to make those memories with her, but sometimes the holidays can sting a little bit. Sometimes you just need a good cry and last night was one of those times.

Then I talked to my swimming coach about the workout I was suppose to do the next morning. I had just gotten home and he could tell I was crying on the phone and asked me why I was crying. A few sniffles, some convincing words, me arguing about the temperature outside and him telling me to ‘man up and get in the damn pool.’ I decided that a night swim would be beneficial to me, especially since I realized that the pool I was going to use over Christmas break is closed, so I would have to go with him to get into the gym he uses to use the pool.

I swam and swam and I really enjoyed it. I worked really hard at my breathing and the lifeguard and my swimming coach told me some tips that were very helpful. He told me at the end of my 2000 meter swim that I was looking much, much better and that he was proud of me. Those words mean a lot to me. I really actually felt a lot better on this swim, not like a dolphin with a broken fin. Though I do seem to have some inflammation and bruising in my knee, which I am going to ice and hope that it heals itself and it’s just a small problem.

So I swam last night, and I swam 2000 meters on accident. I was only suppose to do 1000 but I’m not the best at math and added everything up wrong. I have no idea how long it took me, but it felt great. So now, since I already hit 2000 meters, I’m going to have to adjust the swimming on my training plan too. See I even have proof I was in the pool!

Along with my hardcore training plan that I posted yesterday, I have come to the realization that, gasp, I don’t ever work out my core. As in the most workout it gets is reaching for the remote for the TV. Crunch, feel that abs, I’m reaching, Crunch, and ahhhh lean back and watch TV. Well this isn’t sufficient with this hardcore training plan. I need to up my game if we are going to be going all out for this race.

Also, breaking announcement. I haven’t eaten fast food in 12 days. If you know me, that is pretty much monumental.

Anyways, back to the ab work out. So basically I got hooked up from a friend with a sweet Ab Roller. Now, you may think, oh how hard can the ab roller be? Ab roller = Death. I know I  have a weak core, but seriously, I sweat much more doing 3 sets of 10 ab rollers than running ten miles. So I use the ab roller as one aspect of my ab workout. I try to do 3-6 sets of ten and will increase those numbers hopefully with time. I also do planks, which look like this,

I do sets of those for about a minute each. Did I mention I have a weak core? I am hoping to up the time on each of those, but those also hurt my lower back unfortunately and in our house we have all wooden floors so it’s not my favorite thing to do. So ab roller, planks and then we have crunches. These are also not fun, but if you don’t feel the burn, they probably aren’t working. I do crunches where I crunch my legs up at the same time as I crunch my abs. The key to any ab workout is ENGAGING THE CORE. That sounds funny, but it’s true. Make sure you are tightening your abs the entire time you are doing an ab workout. The important part is not using your back or neck to lift your head but to use your abs to lift yourself, no matter what ab workout your doing. Tighten, tighten, tighten! Just think, tight like a tiger!

I with this hardcore training plan I’m going to try to do a core workout at least 4 times a week. I think that will be beneficial to me and that will be ‘enough’ to make my core feel stronger.

Now finally, I have the giveaway winner for the 13.1! I hope you are ready to run a half marathon on January 10th, 2010 because you won a free entry Madison! Email me at and I will set you up with the code. :)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve already? Where does the time go!


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