The magical hair pills.

I got up to run this morning. You know those days when you can run and run and everything is great and you truly enjoy what your doing? Today was not that day. I got up early and immediately started coughing. I knew I had to run just a little bit so I took off for three miles. That turned into coughing so hard that I swear people thought I had a problem and I cut it short to only two miles. Besides the coughing my legs felt good and I felt like I could keep going but the coughing was too much to handle. Wha Wha. I’m going to try to run again tomorrow in the morning and see how it goes. Two miles is better than no miles. Oh running, how I miss you.

Anyways, I seriously get a lot of emails about my hair. People always ask me how it got so long and how it stays so long and looks so healthy. This is funny because I used to hate my hair. I have really thick, wavy, fluffy hair. It’s not curly, but it’s not really scrunchable either. It just gets wavy and fluffy if I don’t straighten it or curl it. Now, you might ask, how did your hair get so long. Let me give you a little background.


This picture was my junior year in college. I highlighted my hair all through college. My natural hair color is VERY dark brown, today my hair is my natural hair color, but I loved highlighting my hair so much, and every time you go in it just keeps getting brighter and brighter… thus leading me to this next picture.


Ummmm. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? This was when my hair was at it’s brightest, and also it’s driest. Obviously, highlighting your hair doesn’t allow it to grow it just kills it. I know, I know I’ve heard it before a million times, but for some reason I thought my hair would be different. It wasn’t. It was barely growing and always was dried out and dying, which meant more trips to the salon to get it trimmed. It just kept getting more and more blonde, and those roots I had were atrocious! This was when I decided it was time to go back to being a normal brunette. Just like the saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


This was around the holiday time my senior year. My hair was back to being dark after dying it as close to my natural color as possible. I missed the blonde, but it was much, much more healthy and was actually starting to show signs of growth. Then I had another horrible lapse of judgment.


and cut hideous bangs. FAIL. Then those took a while to grow out as well. I also kept dying my hair back to the natural color when only absolutely necessary. All those years of bleaching for highlights killed my hair! It grew much, much faster when it was back to it’s natural color and I also got deep conditioning treatments whenever I got my hair done. Lastly, and this is very important but I also started taking these ‘hair, skin and nail’ pills. These pills contain a lot of Biotin, which is what strengthens hair and nails. You can find straight Biotin pills here, and the specific Hair Skin and Nail pills here. I’ve used both and feel that they are both really good options. Also, you can get the Hair, Skin and Nail pills at most Walgreens and pharmacy stores also as well. When I first when to my hair lady and I told her I wanted long brown hair like I used to have before I started highlighting, she recommended them to me. I kid you not, they work like a charm. I can always see a difference in my nails and hair when I take them consistently.


Now, my mop is SUPER long and healthier than it’s been in a long time. The ends are still damaged from the highlighting and it’s taken a long time to grow out but it’s really been because of getting a trim every six to eight weeks, and also taking those vitamins and not highlighting it anymore. When I curl it, I use a straightener instead of a curling iron and have found that if I just blow dry my whole head without using a brush or anything it gives me increased volume and then I just curl the bottom sections to make it curl well. It saves me more time than straightening as well, since I have to straighten it a LOT to make it completely straight, and not get weird little kinks. When curling with a straightener, I just section it out and don’t touch the root area and just curl the bottom. You can make it tighter curls or looser curlers, it’s totally up to you. I really have found that my hair holds the curl much better from a straightener. Hope that helps all the hair questions! And I TOTALLY recommend the pills! :)


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23 Responses to The magical hair pills.

  1. Punk Rock Runner says:

    Another post with you on a bike? I am beginning to think that you actually love bikes and you don’t want running to find out. Take care! Ron

  2. beanarita says:

    Thinking about going for the Mike Brady Perm…

    Do you think your magic hair pills will help with that?

    If not, maybe I should go for a mullet…

    Decisions, decisions…

  3. Natalie says:

    I miss my long hair, I want it back!

    Have you found that the Biotin makes you break out at all?

    I heard about the latest thing people are doing to make their hair grow faster…Monistat. Not even kidding, they’re putting hooha cream on their heads. Apparently it doubles the amount of growth? Crazy!

  4. Danielle C says:

    What do you use to protect your hair from the straightening? I’m not super in love with what I’m using now (CHI spray on stuff).

  5. I used to color my hair too and it totally damaged it, although I still use a flat iron :/ I now just stick to my natural color, dark brown like you!

  6. Morgan says:

    You do have great hair! :)

    I used to use the hair,skin,nail vitamins but then I switched to… Pre-Natal vitamins… and they work so much better for me. Although explaining why I have them is a whole other story… LOL!

  7. Erin F. says:

    I love the long hair! Ha, I totally had a lapse in judgement last spring and got blunt bangs, too. Oh it was awful on me. But my hair is gettin’ pretty long now and I’m planning on donating to Locks of Love in the spring. WAH! I’m nervous to say the least. Me with short hair = yikes.

  8. x-country2 says:

    Okay, those bangs are kind of tragic. :o)

    I’m loving your natural color though. Excellent call.

  9. aron says:

    i love it cause i totally had my hair highlighted tons in college too :) hair twins! well not anymore, you need to chop yours now hehe.

    i like commenting on your posts while we are chatting online <3

  10. Your natural color looks so much better with your skin tone, glad you went back to it! ♥

    I love the hair,skin,nail vitamins too!!!! I need to be better about taking them!

    I’m not even gonna say anything about the bangs……..

  11. Denise says:

    I gave up highlighting my hair a while ago, too. I have super thin hair and it breaks so easily. I hate it and want to get a wig.

  12. Marlene says:

    I think we all jus need to try those bangs at some point.

    I seriously love your hair, though.

    I stopped highlighting my hair after my wedding 4 years ago and it is SO much healthier now! Might as well go au naturel until we have to start hiding the gray. ;)

  13. Abbie says:

    You should SEE the pics of me in college. It is ridonkulous. I have to say that I let out a little chuckle at the bangs photo… but it was because of your hands, not your hair. So posed!

  14. stuart says:

    Where’s your helmet!

  15. ilovesteaks says:

    omg, nice bangs! I had those same bangs back when I was 5 or 6 when had a bowl cut. My hair has been growing out of control since I switched to using Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I switched to it to see if my allergies would ease up by using shampoo, soap, etc. that are without fragrance.

  16. andrea says:

    i love your natural hair color – so pretty! i once had a hair stylist describe mine as “ashy poopyness”…the highlighting will have to continue :)

  17. CJ says:

    You have gorgeous hair! I wish my natural brunette was nice, but it is ashy and bland and I think I’m stuck coloring it.


  18. Tara says:

    I always love looking at pics from the past! I was a high-lighter in college too…I was SO blonde! Au natural is the way to go I think :) I totally need to get back to taking all my vitamins….they really do help!

  19. Alisa says:

    Love the bike cruiser pic!

    Your hair looks great in all the pics. I even like the bangs! Very sixties.

    I went dark brown once (there is a pic on FB) but I hated it, it was darker than my normal hair by a LOT and it was icky. My roots started growing in lighter.

    You’re always so tan, do you go tanning or is that natural or from a bottle? I miss being tan.

  20. Nicole says:

    you have the prettiest hair i’ve ever seen!!! can i touch it? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA jk jk!! xoxoxo

  21. CharmCityKim says:

    The problem with my hair is that its always falling out! If I don’t stay on top of picking up my hair around the house, you’d see tumbleweed of long black hair floating about. I might check out these pills!

  22. dylan says:

    AHHHHH! You totally just made my day, I thought the only place I could buy those vitamins was at WalMart and I hate hate hate WalMart so I’ve been out forever…and the other brands just don’t work as well! I’ve even googled “hair skin nails vitamins brown bottle pink label”–I’m ordering some online RIGHT NOW!! Thanks!!

  23. Alex says:

    I am going to give them a try. My hair is taking FOREVER to grow out!!!

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