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TBKF Heros for Hope 10k Race Recap

This past Friday, I talked to my friend Billy online for a little bit and by the time the conversation ended and before I even knew what I was doing, he got me to sign up for a little local 10k in Playa del Rey. For some reason, Billy ALWAYS gets me to sign up for races, but I never regret any race he’s made me do. I don’t know why he always gets me to sign up for races, but he was the one who got me to sign up for Malibu 25k Trail Race, for San Diego RnR and I’m sure at least one more. Though the 10k is my most hated distance, it was for a great cause, benefiting brain tumor research, and I knew I would get to see Billy’s gal and my good friend Sara there as well. Though I was a little worried about doing some actual racing or running since I haven’t run really at all for two weeks because of my cough and being sick, I decided to go for a 6 miler on Saturday morning to see how I could hang and if my cough would hopefully stay at bay during the race.

The run on Saturday went great and I knew I would at least be able to hang in the race and I then I decided that I really wanted to race the race. I haven’t really ‘raced’ in a long time and I felt like I would feel good if I raced, even though I have Malibu next weekend. Anyways, I had kind of a late night the evening before the race hanging out with my little brother and talking and I didn’t get to sleep until about 11:45 and I was worried that my 5:30 wake up call would come to early.

When my alarm went off in the morning, I realized, oh DUH, since I hadn’t run in 2 weeks, I was ummm SORE from running 6 miles the day before. I tried to loosen up my legs and did some stretches and got ready to make the 40ish minute drive to Dockweiler Beach. Once there I picked up my race shirt and number and sat in my car for a little bit. I got there about an hour and 15 minutes before the race started. Then Billy and Sara showed up and we did some picture taking, walked around the little mini expo and snagged some food samples for after the race and some mini cupcakes that I would later devour. I have to give a BIG thank you to Billy for taking a billion pictures from the day so I could post some online. He also was out on the course and cheered and was super helpful throughout the entire day.

11-8-09 026

Pre-Race before we walked over to the starting line. Yea, I was wearing that in public. I know. What was I thinking, but those pants are so bomb. $5 bucks at Walmart. I have 3 pairs and they come in a ton of colors! They are perfect for lounging around the house and pre-race attire and looking homeless.

11-8-09 027

I really wanted to wear a bow in my hair and luckily I found a huge pink bow to tie into my ponytail. I don’t know why I’d never thought of it before, but it was fun! I think I will for sure be wearing it again next  weekend in Malibu. Pink Power bow!

11-8-09 038

Here’s Sara and I right before the start of the race. As you can tell it was a smaller race, but it was still really fun and sometimes the smaller races are the best!

11-8-09 019

Then, we saw our friend Cody before the race too! He’s training for an Ironman and him and his friend ran this race to get their heart rates for training. Anyone who trains for an Ironman or does one, HUGE respect from me!

11-8-09 028

Billy took this right before the start, I think I was probably laughing because we were SO close to the front. Um,  you start to realize that when people are doing the sign of the cross right next to you before the horn goes off, it’s a little intimidating! Those people mean business!

11-8-09 046

I love this picture! So once the race started I pretty much I started off way to fast, WAY too fast. Mile one went by pretty quick and mile two was more of the same, then around mile 3 I was dunzo already and I really had to push to not walk. It sounds weird but I was SO tired and I realized that DOY, maybe I should have eaten before I ran, normally I don’t eat because of some issues, but I also normally race much sooner after I wake up. I felt like I hit the wall and my legs were really heavy early on around mile 3 and a half. I just kept telling myself, go, go go, go, go, the faster you get done, the faster it’s over, the faster you can drink water, and cough, and stop moving!

11-8-09 002

How cute does Sara look in this picture! She passed me right after mile 1 and I just kept telling myself to keep going. I grabbed some water from an aid station at mile 1.5 and tried to cool the throat. Sara is such a strong runner and I really am glad I met her and Billy! They are some of  the nicest people!

11-8-09 003

Another action shot from the wonderful Billy. Around mile 3.5 I also really started to feel the pain in my feet on the forefront of my foot. I get this pain when I try to race because I strike a lot on my forefoot when I attempt to run faster. I realized that when I run longer distances I really focus on switching up how I step to make sure that my feet don’t hurt. When I run shorter distances, and push myself, it’s a whole different ball game because my brain doesn’t always function the same as longer distances.

Miles 4-6 were pretty hard for me but I knew where I was placed in categories in the race and I just kept telling myself to hold on and that it was almost over. I took some Nuun from Billy in a bottle at mile 4.5, and I was running with it, it has a squeeze top and it was open and I totally squeezed it on accident as I was pumping my arms and got it all over my face. I kind of laughed and then realized I had to keep going! UGH! At mile 5, I told myself, come on, ONE more mile! I did have a little cough happen about at mile 5.5 and I just tried to breath and keep going. It felt like forever until the  finish line came. 10ks are EVIL!

11-8-09 020

Finally! The finish line! I passed a guy right at the end of the race, and then he did some crazy weird sprinting moves and totally had to pass me again before the finish. Guess he didn’t want to get beat by a girl! The race started at 8:30 and it was a little warm by the time we got to the finish. I was pretty sweaty and I was STINKY! ha ha, I guess that’s what happens. Luckily, it wasn’t windy and was actually a great day for a race.

11-8-09 007

I totally started coughing and drinking ton of water right at the finish line. I felt bad people probably thought I was going to throw up or something! Ha! I was glad it was over and Sara finished 2nd female overall and I finished 3rd female overall! There were some really fast people in the race, and I actually also know who was the 1st female overall! The race was pretty flat with some camber which kind of was annoying at some points, but it was a decently fast course. I ran it in 47:41. My mile splits were 1- 7:13, 2- 7:37, 3- 7:56, 4- 7:48, 5- 7:56, 6- 7:41, .2- 1:28.

11-8-09 014

We watied around for a little bit and then the little awards ceremony took place. Sara was 2nd in her age group and 2nd overall. I was first in my age group and 3rd overall. Small races rock! :)

11-8-09 037

After we got our medals!

11-8-09 045

This is one of my friends, Colin’s wife. She was the first female overall and also the first female in Sara’s age group. She is an AMAZING runner and it was so nice to meet her and get to talk with her for a little bit! She recently ran Chicago with Colin and her time is amazing. It’s so inspiring to meet real people who are fast and are SO nice! She was so sweet :) So here is 1st place, 3rd place and 2nd place in the race for females.

11-8-09 040

Here’s all of us at the race including my friend Colin! He also won his age group in the race and is super fast too! I am so lucky to have met some great people who are such an inspiration to me as well. Looks like we need to start working the local small race circut. I think we should start a racing club called, “Do Work!” I was really glad to meet up with everyone even though it was kind of a last minute race that I signed up for. Best part about the race was that they raised $45,000 for the charity!!! How great is that! That’s so much money for a great cause!

11-8-09 034

After the race, we went to a little place for breakfast called Maxwells and it was so delicious. I got an omlette called the garbage omlette and, get ready for it, it had spinach in it! It was so, so good! It is a step to me one day eating lettuce I guess. I wore my medal inside because I felt like complete doof wearing uggs and booty shorts around in public. My shirt was so stinky from the race that I put on my race shirt after.

Also, at the race they had some of the magazines that actually featured an article on me in it. The magazine is called LA Sports and Fitness. It’s SO weird to me that they wanted to interview me about my blog and racing, but I was so flattered and humbled! I got a few copies  and will try to scan the article to share with you guys. It’s so weird seeing myself in the magazine, but it means so much to me that they wanted to do a story on me!

11-8-09 015

So all in all, the race and weekend was pretty gosh darn successful if you asked me! Now, I’m SO sore today! ha ha, I forgot how many muscles you use when you push yourself to work and try to get a good time. My calves are really sore and the front of my quads are a little sore. It’s totally a different type of sore than when I run longer distances. I’m still glad I did the race and now must start getting pumped up for another race. Malibu Marathon this weekend!


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