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Let’s do this. Round…three?

So this weekend is Malibu Marathon. Yea, let me just say that crept up on me, um, pretty quickly. So I’ll be at the starting line of yet another 26.2 mile journey on Sunday. Funny how after San Diego I said I would never run another one and this marathon, yea totally for FUN? How does this compute you may ask? Believe me, I’m asking myself the same question.

So I ran San Diego in May, had a crappy time, swore off marathons. I didn’t have much expectations for that race, but it was my first marathon, and I did want it not to suck. It sucked. I was so sad afterwords, blah, blah you all know the story. Then a weird thing happened. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to try it again and do better, because deep down, I KNEW I could do way better.


Then came the best day of my life thus far, the Long Beach Marathon. Saying I had fun is the understatement of the year and that was my redemption race and what I’ve always wanted. Blah, blah, blah, I am maybe even going to admit that when I read that race recap, which I do once a week, I still get teary eyed. When I was training for Long Beach, I maybe got a little too excited about marathoning and signed up for a few more marathons. Thus the reason I’ll be running Malibu this weekend, and CIM December 6th. Yea, another marathon December 6th. What have I become?

Now it’s time for Malibu. Many of you know right now I’m running just for myself, I don’t specifically care about my time, though I do feel very content with the fact that I ran sub 4 in Long Beach. Plus there are a lot of other factors that we must think of when we discuss goals in Malibu. These factors include the grand idea that we had a while back which includes wearing a costume for the marathon. Maritza and Tara are coming down to run the race and are in on the costume shenanigans and we are all dressing up as Malibu Barbies. So if you remember when I did the Avon 2 day walk, I wore a tutu the 2nd day.


Well this skirt is dusted off and ready to go the distance again. I also have a pink nike tank top, that you may have seen before, pink knee high socks, pink bows for my hair, my nails are pink and, yes, I’ll be wearing my usual makeup. I’m still debating how I want to do my hair, but lets just say it’s going to look like a pink fairy threw up all over me. Then the other day, I got new vomeros. Yup, they are pink too. Maritza was even clever enough to make us signs to pin to our backs that say Malibu Danica and yup, it’s in Barbie font. This is just getting ridiculous. Ridiculously AWESOME.

Now to be completely honest, in every race I’ve run, there have been people wearing costumes, wigs, everything, because let’s face it, people are crazy. Every time I see anyone wearing a costume, I think to myself, WOW, so you’re SO good that you can just joke around for 26.2 miles? Huh? What a JERK! Welp, now I’m that person. I’m running a marathon in a costume. At least I know the pictures will be pretty entertaining and I will be tweeting from the race, and taking videos. So this race is a lot like the race I ran in San Fransisco, I want to enjoy it and just soak in the atmosphere. I also was sick for two weeks, which were the two weeks where I needed to get in a long run, yea, that didn’t happen. The farthest I’ve run since Long Beach is 6.2 miles last weekend. BUT I do have a heart-shaped cookie cutter for my peanut butter and jellies this time, so that is totally going to make a huge difference! HA!

So this weekend, it’s all about good times with some of my best friends, and yea, we’ll be running a marathon. I’m excited to run Malibu because it should be pretty and it’s the inaugural marathon. No one’s ever run it before. That is both really cool and really scary. So, this weekend my number one goal is to make it to the finish line and take a ton of pictures and have a blast. I’m going to try to run with Tara and we’ll see how crazy we can be together. I know we are probably going to scream at people and be very weird, so it should be interesting.

Anyways, I have had lots of luck finding some sick new jams, especially with the help of Tara, so I thought I would share them with you as well this wonderful Friday the 13th. Some of these are pretty gangster so prepare yourself!

Sean Garrett feat. Gucci Mane – Up in My Heart I LOVE this song! It’s got a good beat :)

Timbaland – Ease off the Liquor This is another really good fast song. I would go to say it might be my favorite right now

Jesse McCarney – Body Language This is the song that would battle the song above for my favorite right now

Justin Bieber – One Time I know he’s like 15. Don’t judge me, I love him.

Jay Sean – Down Another good running jam

New Boyz feat. Ray J – Tie Me Down This one is a little slower but still good for running

Drake feat. Birdman – Money to Blow This is pretty gangster, but I like it a lot

One Republic – Good Life This one is good for a long run!

Adam Lambert – For your Entertainment This is actually surprisingly good. I didn’t know if I would like it but I LOVE IT! :) It’s really fast too

Rhianna feat. Young Jeezy – So Hard This is a good song, but it’s lyrics are a little weird

AND this new song just came out yesterday, and thanks to my roomie DJ’s obsession with Lady Gaga, she sent me the link when it came out! I am in LOVE with it!

Lady Gaga – Telephone (Skip to :23 for the song to start)

If you would have told me I would be running my 3rd marathon of the year this weekend at the beginning of the year, I would have laughed. I told myself I wouldn’t run a full marathon until 2010.

So cheers to Malibu! I respect the distance. 26.2 miles isn’t a joke, but this Barbie is READY! :)


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