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I have a confession. I’m uber addicted to my iPhone. I have gotten some questions about how I took the videos this past week and though two of the videos are from my actual camera, the majority of the pictures and videos are from my iPhone. Don’t think I’m obsessed?


In Vegas this past August, and I couldn’t get enough of the iPhone, obviously I need to keep up with….??? Yea, I know, my roommate LOVES to take pictures of me with my iPhone and then make fun of me. But, it is sad.


Yea, this picture is ridiculous on a lot of accounts, BUT, it makes me laugh and continues to show that yes, I just can’t get enough of my first born, and yes, my favorite beer is Coors Light, or liquid gold as I call it.


What is that in my right hand during the Long Beach Marathon? Who was tweeting, texting and on her iPhone during the entire race?


Halloween? Even the money you’ve been saving with geico needs to be on the iPhone! Gotta keep up with giving people the right quotes!


I just ran a race in a tutu and what am I doing? Yup, this weekend it was attached to my hand at all times, yet again.

So we all know I am addicted. I just wanted to let you guys know how I was taking videos and pictures throughout the race. I carry my iPhone with my in my iFitness belt (which I LOVE and swear by) and then I just whip it out  whenever I get bored (that’s what she said). My spelling while running isn’t the greatest, but it does take my mind of what I’m doing for a little bit. Also, while taking video I do realize I need to be better about not flipping it sideways and then up and down. I will make a conscience effort next race! HA! (Also, fyi, I used the Twitteriffic app to tweet)

Also, I barely ever take my phone on any training runs at all, so most of the time it’s only during the race when I have it. I find that using my camera is a little bit more bulky and hard to put back in and out of my pouch on my belt too, so thus I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with the iPhone.

When I made the videos during the Malibu Marathon, I also had my music on so if I seem like I’m yelling, it’s probably because I am. I just tried to talk as normal as possible but my music is on pretty loud. Ah, the joys of watching yourself make an idiot of yourself while running a marathon, and then sharing it online. Simply a brilliant idea!

This morning I got in a quick six miler that included some rolling hills. My legs feel back to 100% and I’m getting excited for CIM but I know I will be so cold up there, so that is already going into consideration when I am running in the mornings of what I will be wearing up in Sacramento in…gulp…SIXTEEN DAYS. I’m excited and then guess what’s waiting for me after that marathon.  A LOT of 4-7 milers, cross training, and a big fat BREAK from running 26.2 miles!


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