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I should know this by now..

This morning was another one of those “I don’t want to get out of bed, where is my head, I need my sleep, my bed is so warm, wait, isn’t it still dark outside, but I just ran a marathon, and I’m tired, and why did I stay up so late watching dancing with the stars last night,” mornings. I finally got out of bed and told myself I just had to go for a short recovery run and then I would feel much better and I know that even though I’m the a ‘morning runner’, I can’t run after work like I used to because it’s so dark. Splashing cold water on my face and instantly I was awake and knew that the run would be a good idea.

Sometimes life throws you stuff that you think you can’t handle. I legitimately never had all these marathons cross my mind before this year. Believe me, I’m not one of those people who now just thinks that the marathon is just ‘fun’ or not a really hard accomplishment anymore. I’m still blown away that I ran three this year. ME?! I ran THREE marathons! WHAT! That is freakin’ crazy if you ask me.

If you would have asked me how my life would have ‘turned out’ a year ago, or even six months ago, I would have never said anything about running marathons, or maybe even running in general. I know this weekend we ran the marathon for ‘fun’, but seriously, I don’t know if a marathon can ever just be ‘fun’. It was still a lot of HARD work! A marathon humbles you like nothing else can I feel like, but it also does make you feel amazing. It’s a crazy mental battle that, in the end, you know you can beat, but getting to that finish line is always a struggle. Whether your running 5 minute miles or 20 minute miles. It is sometimes so hard for me to wrap my mind around it. 26.2 miles? Wait, what?

So this morning, I pulled on my long sleeve and my capris, which, you know it’s getting cold in California when I wear capris and I even left my garmin at home and just brought my ipod. The first mile my legs were pretty much saying, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! We JUST did this for 26.2 miles this weekend. STOP!” But then around mile 2, my quads loosened up and the repetition of moving my feet forward started to feel good again. I ran the normal path down by the marina, the one that always makes me realize that DUH, running makes things right in my world again. You think I should know that by now right?

It’s just so consistent. When everything else isn’t. It’s always there for me, and I am so thankful for that. I am beyond blessed in my life. Seriously, I am constantly inspired by everyone who encourages me and is there for me. Everyone who reads this blog means so much to me. I definitely don’t say that enough, but oddly enough, I couldn’t do it without you. Yes, YOU.

So while on my four miler this morning, I looked around and saw the old couple out for their morning walk, saw the sun rising before it was engulfed by the foggy clouds, and I knew that today would be another day, and I’m thankful for getting up and running.


See, even at the end of a marathon I’m so happy, ha ha, even in that ridiculous outfit! Running makes me HAPPY! I need to remember that! and seriously brightroom, can you PLEASE put up the official race pictures already? that might just make me happy too :) OH WAIT! Brightroom must read my blog because they are posted! Check it out, there are like 50000 pictures of me. I guess tutu running has it’s perks! Click HERE


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