I should know this by now..

This morning was another one of those “I don’t want to get out of bed, where is my head, I need my sleep, my bed is so warm, wait, isn’t it still dark outside, but I just ran a marathon, and I’m tired, and why did I stay up so late watching dancing with the stars last night,” mornings. I finally got out of bed and told myself I just had to go for a short recovery run and then I would feel much better and I know that even though I’m the a ‘morning runner’, I can’t run after work like I used to because it’s so dark. Splashing cold water on my face and instantly I was awake and knew that the run would be a good idea.

Sometimes life throws you stuff that you think you can’t handle. I legitimately never had all these marathons cross my mind before this year. Believe me, I’m not one of those people who now just thinks that the marathon is just ‘fun’ or not a really hard accomplishment anymore. I’m still blown away that I ran three this year. ME?! I ran THREE marathons! WHAT! That is freakin’ crazy if you ask me.

If you would have asked me how my life would have ‘turned out’ a year ago, or even six months ago, I would have never said anything about running marathons, or maybe even running in general. I know this weekend we ran the marathon for ‘fun’, but seriously, I don’t know if a marathon can ever just be ‘fun’. It was still a lot of HARD work! A marathon humbles you like nothing else can I feel like, but it also does make you feel amazing. It’s a crazy mental battle that, in the end, you know you can beat, but getting to that finish line is always a struggle. Whether your running 5 minute miles or 20 minute miles. It is sometimes so hard for me to wrap my mind around it. 26.2 miles? Wait, what?

So this morning, I pulled on my long sleeve and my capris, which, you know it’s getting cold in California when I wear capris and I even left my garmin at home and just brought my ipod. The first mile my legs were pretty much saying, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! We JUST did this for 26.2 miles this weekend. STOP!” But then around mile 2, my quads loosened up and the repetition of moving my feet forward started to feel good again. I ran the normal path down by the marina, the one that always makes me realize that DUH, running makes things right in my world again. You think I should know that by now right?

It’s just so consistent. When everything else isn’t. It’s always there for me, and I am so thankful for that. I am beyond blessed in my life. Seriously, I am constantly inspired by everyone who encourages me and is there for me. Everyone who reads this blog means so much to me. I definitely don’t say that enough, but oddly enough, I couldn’t do it without you. Yes, YOU.

So while on my four miler this morning, I looked around and saw the old couple out for their morning walk, saw the sun rising before it was engulfed by the foggy clouds, and I knew that today would be another day, and I’m thankful for getting up and running.


See, even at the end of a marathon I’m so happy, ha ha, even in that ridiculous outfit! Running makes me HAPPY! I need to remember that! and seriously brightroom, can you PLEASE put up the official race pictures already? that might just make me happy too :) OH WAIT! Brightroom must read my blog because they are posted! Check it out, there are like 50000 pictures of me. I guess tutu running has it’s perks! Click HERE


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  1. Spamboy says:

    My wife recently challenged me with the question, “Why do you run?” I then spent weeks thinking about it.

    Then it occurred to me, and the answer was similar to yours — running is the thing that helps me balance my life. It’s too important NOT to do.

  2. It’s so inspiring that you run in the morning. Do you have a post about how to wake up in the mornings? I’m always scared about running so early when it’s dark out but I seem to never have a choice. I still get a kick out of your to-to! Have a great day!

  3. Lynn aka mizplunderbunny says:

    Every time I think I don’t feel like getting up, going out and putting in some miles I need to come back and read THIS. This will bring me back to why people do this kind of stuff.

    Did you really run in that tutu?

  4. 00kate says:

    I did the *same* thing this morning for my tempo run! As much as I hate getting up at 5:45 (groan) to go run 8 miles before a very full day of classes, I love seeing the sun come up. I love watching ROTC do their workouts on the track as I put in the miles. I love listening to an audiobook for a few miles to make myself feel like I’m multitasking. And I love RUNNING.

    Also, it is so awesome that you ran in a tutu.

    Run strong!

  5. Marlene says:

    Funny how we seem to “forget” sometimes how much we love/appreciate/need running. This was a great reminder!

    Hope to see those official race photos soon.

  6. Katie says:

    Running does bring order back to the world. I haven’t ran since Sunday just went to spinning twice. I don’t do rain :/ I can’t wait to lace up my shoes tomorrow though!

  7. Jamie says:

    Running is hard but it does bring happiness and a sense of peace or something weird like that! LOL It makes you feel good and YES 26.2 is a huge deal! HA! I was happy when I hit 4… lets see how many more I can do!

  8. Erin F. says:

    I love your always-sunny outlook! I must applaud you for getting up and out the door this morning! I, too, stayed up far too late last night and tried to wake up at 6am to go for a short recovery run. However, I just hit snooze and slept in till I had to go to work. Oops!

  9. Jess says:

    Nice job getting up and out the door to get those legs loosened up!

  10. Bootchez says:

    I’ve been running for 3 years now, and often I have to make a conscious decision to remember how good it all feels, and to REMEMBER that feeling when I just don’t want to go (though nothing could get me out of bed at 6am, something perhaps I need to work on!).
    I’m totally thinking of stealing your outfit (right down to the neon pink) for my first marathon next year. Do you mind?

  11. Anna says:

    Just like real relationships its a roller coaster so morning you coudln’t be happier and after three marathons your thinking why have I stuck with this!

  12. aron says:

    we have to be reminded every now and then :) its what makes us appreciate it so much!! love that pic!

  13. Casey says:

    Nicely said about the experience of running a full marathon. It is totally a mental battle. Btw, I’m super impressed that you are already running again this soon after Malibu!

    The Malibu race photos are online now, too.

  14. KatieA. says:

    That pic is great! You look like a real runner even though you’re wearing a tu-tu! LOL!
    And yes, sometimes it is good to be reminded of why we run – it helps the soul. :) Enjoy your Wednesday girly!

  15. You are awesome Danica! An inspiration to all of us!

  16. I ALWAYS forget how much better I’ll feel after a run too…why is that!? I’m doing my first post-mary run tonight. I know my legs will hate me. Eff them, *I’m* the boss.

    You are rad and I’m grateful for YOU. ♥

  17. betty says:

    Look gorgeous in all your pictures!!! Looks like you enjoyed yourself a lot.

  18. Alisa says:

    Awwwww I love this post. It’s so true, I always feel better after doing morning exercise. I couldn’t this morning since I had a very early work meeting (don’t people know that I need to get in my run before work?).

    I’m glad you had a great run, even if your legs were mad for the first mile—it happens. I like what Maritza said, eff em–you’re the boss lady! hahahahahahaha

    I can’t wait to check out the photos!

  19. Natalia says:

    It took me a year and a half to run 3 marathons. You, my friend, are a running rockstar!! : )

  20. Cody says:

    Wow – those are a TON of photos. :)
    Congrats on the new site – looks great!

  21. That was a really great post!

  22. Zoë says:

    I think the photog had a little crush on you. But then again, wearing a tutu while running a marathon is a wee bit on the crazy side (but so adorable!). ;)

    Great post, as usual.

  23. alyssa says:

    you’re an inspiration to a lot of people — thanks for sharing your emotions and your passion for running. :) your blog happens to mean a lot to me … so thanks for that, too.

  24. Great pictures! I love that you can see people in the background smiling at you in your tutu :)

  25. Picture 55599-195-030 IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!! hahahaha I love it. :) You’re awesome!

  26. pen says:

    Congrats again on the marathon! I ran Chicago 6 weeks ago, and have Philly scheduled for Sunday. And I’ve been burned out and stressed about my time, etc. so I was thinking about backing out of the race And then I read your last couple posts about the malibu marathon, and it inspired me to just go and run, and have fun (if that’s possible in a marathon).

    But this post, certainly reminded me why I’m even doing it in the first place…it’s because I love it. And it makes me happy. I just hope my professional pictures someday turn out as cute and happy as yours from this weekend!

  27. Jaime says:

    You seriously take the best pictures, ever!! It almost makes me want to run my next in a tutu! :)

  28. Ashley says:

    Love, love, LOVE the tutu! That is awesome.

    This post is so motivating and inspiring. :)

  29. Joe says:

    Awesome pics and a great post – thanks for the smile this morning. You do have me wondering what that second marathon this spring is going to really be like only 13 days after Boston …. 52.4 is a big number compared to 26.2 ….

  30. ilovesteaks says:

    So if I want more race photos of me, I’ll have to remember to wear a tutu. There’s definitely no such thing as an easy marathon! :)

  31. Felice says:

    Great post. So true. Running makes everything right!

    Love that last pic!

  32. Right back at ya Dani…we need you and your 3 marathons just like you need us to uh, well, laugh at you running in your tutus? Hahaha….

    Nice post! Your smile when you run lights up the world!

  33. Leah says:

    I wanna know how you look so amazing at the end of a race? I looked “tore up from the floor up” in my final race photo with the medal! You look bubbly and happy in all the photos…not wincing, even once! ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!

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