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hi-ho, hi-ho, back to the gym I go…

Last night I made a meek attempt at re-introducing myself to the gym. I haven’t worked out any type of muscle in over a week and I finally felt good enough to return. Traffic was horrific after work and it took me an hour and half to get to the gym, which normally would only have taken me thirty minutes. Obviously, when I finally got to the gym I was in somewhat of a sour mood. I did the rowing machine, some free weights and then the spin bike for thirty minutes. When I was on the spin bike I got a little coughy, and I got some stares from those surrounding me. I felt bad but I REALLY needed to work out.

I feel like I’ve become one of those people who becomes a very mean person if I can’t run or workout. Really? Is that what my life has become? I HAVE to run to be happy? Man, who would have thought it would reach that point? Working out and running does make me very happy though, and even though it wasn’t the greatest workout last night, I’m still glad I made it through it and surprisingly I’m not sore today, double bonus.

I felt like when I was sick and couldn’t work out I was grumpy and in a sour mood. I still feel a little remnants of that since I have yet to run. I considered it last night at the gym but I just didn’t want to be too coughy on the treadmill and I didn’t want to push myself too hard and become sick again. Soon, hopefully. I feel so boring without running in my life and like I have nothing to talk about. Am I really that boring?

I’m starting to freak out a little bit about Malibu though. It’s like, um, TWELVE days away. I have to run a marathon in 12 days and I haven’t ran in over a week. It’s just that the days just keep getting shorter and shorter and the countdown is seemingly slipping through my fingers. 12 days? I need to get my act together.

On a completely unrelated note, if you haven’t heard of Ke$ha “Tik-Tok” immediately add that to your playlist! I love it and may have listened to it on repeat for a good 10 minutes last night at the gym.


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