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Halloween in pictures

So this Halloween, I was a little under the weather but after spending tons of time on my costume I knew I still had to wear it out. After getting sick I changed the outfit up a little bit so I would be warmer as well.  If I had a dollar for everyone who yelled at me about geico, and the word ‘money’,  I would be a rich, rich girl. Overall the costume was really fun, and I did love it, but man, not really thinking about logistics of the costume killed me. I couldn’t fit through doors, really move my arms, or dance at all. Whaaaa Whaaaaa! Anyways, here are some pictures from the nights we went out. halloween1

The finished product. This was the weekend before I got sick so I wore different shorts and a tank top.


This was the group! There were a lot of Billy Mays, and then my friend was a cow, and there was an 70’s girl, a desperate housewife and a box wine.


This picture is typical. :) It was so hard to check my phone though! :)


This was the night before Halloween. My friend was Minnie, then DJ was Lady Gaga and our other friend didn’t have a costume.


The money you could be saving with Geico and Lady Gaga. Just dance! Then it was kind of a last minute thing on Halloween night, but some of my friends were going out and I was bored at home so I decided to go out with them. I was tired of being socially awkward and being yelled at and not being able to move all night so I just was a ‘football player’ from USC. Yea, I was dressed up like that after that horrific loss they took on Saturday. So sad. I should have made some tears to go with that costume.


We danced and it was fun, I’m glad I decided to go out last minute and even more glad I got to dance!

Anyways, so back to the whole running thing. This past week I didn’t run at all. I didn’t go to the gym at all, I didn’t do anything. It was nice to take a break, but at the same time, I love working out and missed it! I am feeling much, much better thanks to some delicious prescriptions from my doctor, but I still have a pesky cough that sounds like a seal. I am a little scared to start getting back out there so quickly because I don’t want to make myself sick again, but man, I have missed running! I am excited to get back on track this week and start running and working out again. I need to get back working out, since Malibu is a short two weeks away already!

I know that Malibu is going to just be a training run and it will be for fun so I’m excited about it and not worried about my time. It’s the inaugural race, so there should be a lot of fun and exciting things going on as well. I watched the NYC marathon this weekend and it made me so excited to run another marathon again. Watching USA take back the marathon with Meb was so incredibly inspiring and seeing all the energy in New York was amazing. I still am so incredibly happy with everything that happened at the Long Beach marathon and that perfect day that I was so blessed with. I can only hope to get a glimpse of a race like that race again, but as for right now, I’m looking forward to enjoying my time in Malibu, taking tons of pictures and dressing up with friends.

Tonight I’m going to hit up the gym and do some spin and hopefully I will feel well enough to run tomorrow morning. I’ll start off slow with some shorter mileage but I don’t think I’ve lost that much by not running all week, but you never know. Also, remember, I put up a Q&A post so if you have any questions for me, I’ll be answering them on Thursday! So post a comment on this post if you have a question for me.

I can’t believe it’s already November. Where  does the time go! Soon it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the fall and running when the air is crisp!


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