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Fly High Turkeys!

So yesterday I spectated the Belmont Shore Turkey Trot 5k/10k. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t run this race after all because it seemed a little unorganized, it wasn’t chipped time, and you pretty much could kill yourself at the finish line with the route they had it go. No one was directing it at the end and you went through this crazy turn through pillars. It is a really good event on the upside because it does get a lot of people out on the streets and raises a ton of money for charity, so I guess I won’t bash too hard.

So my friend and I stayed up really late on Wednesday making pretty much legit posters and I had a brilliant idea to make a turkey to wear on my back while we rode our bikes around. Genius, I tell you.


So while this guy was cruising on my back, I also made another sign that said, “Fly High Turkeys!” With my friend’s name and number on it. It was suppose to be a joke, since DUH! Turkeys don’t fly, but many people didn’t get that joke. Anyways, my super artistic friend made a sign and hand drew that turkey! Her sign said put more gobble in your wobble. People loved them! They kept gobbling at us, and that was a little weird.



After we met up with everyone after the race I put the turkey on the front and it was even funnier. Making that turkey was the best idea, coloring that poster board brown? Not fun.


My cousin Olie Dos ran her first 10k!! I was so proud of her and she did so great even broke 60 minutes for the 10k! Only last year at the same turkey trot was her first 5k, I told her before she knows it she’ll be running a marathon!


Here’s all of us with Jeff! He did great too and made us laugh each time we saw him. He was throwing out peace signs and doing funny things while running. He is hands down the funniest guy I know.


Hooray for Turkey Trots and spectating! It was such a nice day out and after I was done spectating I thought, well this is a great time to get in a short run. I put on my tank and the moment I started I realized how hot it was outside. By the time I got to mile 3, I was drenched in sweat and so tired. SICK. I felt like I jumped in a pool. I haven’t run in heat like that in a long time! Then I saw the cutest dog, and I turned around to look at it again and totally fell off the curb and just kind of slow motion fell into the street and rolled around. I looked around and made sure that no one saw it and then I think I pretended to tie my shoe? I just got up and kept going and thought to myself, wait, did that just happen?! But yes, yes it did.

After family festivus and a little night out on the town with my friends I got up fairly early to run my dreaded 8 miles this morning. My legs are tiiiiiiiiired. I started off good and held about a 8:30 pace until mile 6 and then a bird decided to take a dump on my hair and I washed it out in the next fountain I saw and I just kind of let it go from there and finished around a 9:30 pace for the last two miles. I feel like I’m running through mud. It was already getting fairly warm when I was out there again.

8 more days till CIM. Let’s do this so I can get that freaking Marathon Maniacs singlet. That is my reason for living this week. That dang yellow jersey.

Check back on MONDAY for some SWEET deals I’ve scored for you guys!!!! :)


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