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Bumpin’ down the mileage and domestication via Pie.

This weekend I really wanted to get in a decent amount of mileage to have a quick ramp up before the quickly approaching California International¬† Marathon on December 6th. Yea, as in so close already should be in taper mode, close. I had planned on running 16¬† miles on Saturday morning. Friday night came and I stayed out way too late and didn’t wake up till 9 on Saturday. It was already too hot to run that far and I was still tired, though Friday night was pretty fun! So I pushed back my 16 miles to Sunday morning.

I got lots of sleep Saturday night and got ready to run on Sunday morning. I took off and it was one of those days when I knew I would be exhausted by mile 3. No surprise there, once I hit mile 3, I was so tired. I started to convince myself that being okay with running 10 miles was going to be the way to go this weekend. My legs just felt so heavy and I just wanted to sleep. My mind couldn’t click into running mode and my body was like, STOP! So, mileage fail. I ended with ten and I’ll take it.

By the time I got home it was pretty hot and I was really tired. I was super sweaty which I am normally not, and I now have a sweet t-shirt tan which will look great with my thanksgiving dress… NOT. I had a few errands to run Sunday afternoon, including doing a ton of laundry and then baking. We all know I don’t cook really at all, and baking? Yea, I don’t really remember volunteering for the baking duties for our friendsgiving, but alas I did at one point and I was ready to get some pumpkin pie baked!

I had to get all the ingredients for the pie, since we obviously had nothing because I survive off of macaroni and cheese, soup and sierra mist. It was actually pretty simple to follow the recipie on the back of the Libby’s pumpkin pie stuff. I went to a new market that wound up being in the ghetto. That was entertaining.



Then it was time to mix all of it together. I have a tendency to just mix everything together at once for all recipes, but this time I made extra sure to not do that and mixed what had to be together first and then added the rest of the stuff. Yea, the only problem I really had when I had my bake-a-thon was the fact that I tried to dump the pumpkin stuff in and instead the lid of the can fell into the stuff I already had stirred together.


YAY! pouring in the pumpkin goo. Which I found out tastes gross without the sugar and the rest of the stuff that you add and mix together, kind of sad about that.


So after whisking for a while, I finally could pour the pumpkin goop into the pie crusts. When pouring it in, I was pretty scared it was going to explode all over our oven.

Then, into the oven. It called for baking for 40-50 minutes. Well I know our oven is from the 80s, but STILL, it took FOREVER. After 40 minutes I checked them every 7 minutes and it took another 28 minutes. I kept putting the knife in the middle as the recipe called and hoped it would could out clean. FINALLY! TADA!!!!


Pies that look pretty freaking legit! I documented my accomplishment on twitter and some people asked me if I made me own pie crust. Are you kidding me!?! What do you think I am? I realized we don’t even have flour none the less a rolling pin, and I’m glad I didn’t have to make my own pie crusts! So I haven’t tasted them yet, BUT they look alright, so I’m thankful for that!

Today is a rest day, and I can tell my body is really tired from all the running I’ve been doing. CIM is only 12 days away and I really need to cut back my mileage and believe in the fact that I KNOW I can make it to the finish line and just trust myself. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but hopefully my little aches and pains go away and I will be fresh and rested in 12 days!

Big Congrats to my friend Chris Schauble who completed the Ironman AZ this past weekend. It’s been so fun to follow his journey and to everyone else who completed it as well, including Eric and Jen, you guys seriously, SERIOUSLY rock!


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