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2009 Malibu Marathon Race Recap

I didn’t really know what to expect with the Malibu Marathon, I had been sick for a while and hadn’t run much since the Long Beach Marathon. I’m not making excuses but this race was the strangest thing ever, it was like the twilight zone. I seriously wish I could find the words to describe everything that happened, and I will do my best, but seriously, the best way to describe it is using the word bizarre. I also decided that I would write a post to review the race in general because it was the first time this race was run and there were some definite positives about it and some negatives as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Anyways, I guess starting off the wonderful weekend was a trip to the expo to get our bibs for the race. I spent the weekend with two of my best friends, Tara and Maritza, which was a BLAST. We should have known something when it took us like an hour to find the expo after traversing across the craziest road EVER. I am surprised my car, The Koo, survived especially with my sweet driving skills or lack of. We were all a little car sick after the crazy twists and turns that we took to get down to the beach. It was, of course, beautiful down at the beach and we were excited for the race at this point. We just wanted to get it done!


Me, Maritza, and Tara at the expo at Zuma Beach. We got really cool bags to put our stuff in the next day for the gear check, big plus, and also met some cool people. I bought my first race shirt EVER. It’s really cute, green and soft and I love it and it’s not even close to being hideous! Totally worth the twenty bucks and I even wore it to work the day after the marathon, which I’ve never done before! So I had a little dilemma,  I had seen the tutus that Tara and Maritza has made and I had pretty serious tutu envy. So we looked up a Joanne’s Craft store and found the stuff so that we could make mine match their poofiness! I was so happy when it was done! After the expo and our few errands we were pretty tired and just wanted to relax at home. We watched some Real Housewives of Orange County, made my tutu and I ate a whole pizza from California Pizza Kitchen the night before.

Finally, I fell asleep and before I knew it my alarm went off. UGHHHHH. Tara and I shared a room with two beds and her and I laid in bed for a little bit and I didn’t want to move. Finally I rolled out of bed at 3:20 am. I was FREEZING and couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear my shorts or my capris. This was a huge dilemma for me, but I put on my capris and put my shorts in my gear check bag so I could change at the starting line if I wanted to. We then drove to the start, but were greeted in the car with a window that wouldn’t roll up. We should have known this was the beginning of a weirdly odd day! We spent the entire 45 minute drive slowly, slowly pushing the window up by pressing the button and me using my arms to push it up. Right before we parked  in the parking lot  it finally got to the top of the door frame. Thankfully. We got on the bus to be bussed to the start, and went to do a u-turn and the bus driver totally hit the curb with his bumper and it made a huge noise and everyone gasped. Yea, sign numero dos.

Finally we got to the start, went to the porta-potties quick and then I decided that I wanted to wear my shorts which was the best idea ever. I would have died in those capris. Last minute we also all decided to leave our arm warmers, another really good decision! Then before we knew it we were lined up and ready to go. There weren’t that many entrants for the marathon and this was by far the smallest marathon I’ve run thus far, so it was a little weird having lots of room to move around and not to be pushed and jostled forward, which worked out well since I was wearing a huge puff of a tutu. We also put our d-chips on our shoes, not our ankles or wrists and instructed. Yea, that was NOT happening and having it on my shoe wasn’t a problem and didn’t bother me at all which was good!


Game time!!! YAY! We were so excited to get going and once the gun goes off, the excitement takes over. Sadly, Claude the garmin failed me and couldn’t find satellite at the start and I didn’t want to mess with him so off we went and I figured that possibly it would work later, which it started working around mile 3ish. I started off with Tara and we stayed together for quite some time.


The race started off great, we stopped to fix Tara’s tutu really quick about half a mile in to the race, but other than that, they were fine, just very fluffy and annoying throughout the race. Everyone yelled for us, and told us they loved them though, so that was pretty fun. Before we knew it, we were at mile 2 and then three and then four. It was pretty flat and desolate in a ‘farmland’ type environment. This was the view when I looked down the entire race.

malibulooking down


Yup, fluffy, fluffy, tutu traveled the whole way with me. Around mile 8ish you ran over a highway overpass and then by a military base and then onto the highway for a short period of time. Right around mile 8ish things started to get a little difficult though because I really started to feel the wind. For about one mile it was pretty cool because it was at our backs and was almost so strong that it felt like it was pushing us along. Then it was not so cool because it was blowing into our faces and that sucked. A lot. There was sand blowing up, and cars driving in the dirt which lead to more sand blowing up in our faces. There were parts when I felt like I was in a cartoon movie with my head down and my hair blowing behind me, and my arms pumping, and my body wasn’t moving forward. I have NEVER run in wind like that, so I really think that took a lot out of me without realizing it.



Tara and I cruising through the farmlands of Camarillo. Running with someone is so different for me! I hope I did okay, T! :) It was so fun and I really love running with other people, anyone down for a running partner? The tutus were really fun, but I don’t know if I can ever run another marathon in costume, it was pretty intense! Luckily I had my jams on and finally found the zone right around mile 9, and just kept chugging away. It reaches a point where once you hit certain miles you just have to keep counting down how many miles are left, each step is one step closer to the finish. You have to just keep telling yourself that and propelling you to go forward.


I thought our  shadows were hilarious! Our tutus were so puffy and fun, they were annoying but seriously were attention grabbers and everyone laughed when they saw us.


That little puffball traveled the distance! This was right before we reached mile 10 in the wind. I still can’t believe how windy it was and that I ran the whole marathon in a tutu. Here’s two videos to show you how windy it was.

This is at Mile 8

This is at Mile 9

Then there was a long time where I didn’t take many pictures. We traveled along PCH, and I really struggled in the wind. As soon as the wind died down around mile 15, it got pretty hot. Here’s a video at Mile 16, I started to get excited because there was only ten miles to go.

I was starting to get super, super hungry and I realized it was because I hadn’t eaten that much and had decided that morning to rely solely on sport beans throughout the race, since I had forgotten bread for my pb and js… wha wha, but I wasn’t going to freak out about it, there’s nothing to do at the point when your mid race. With all the other things that went on with the wind and the upcoming hills I knew I was going to struggle if I had NOTHING to eat so I got a gu from a friend running at mile 16, and carried it until we reached the next water station. I was literally so scared to take it, but I stopped at the water station at mile 17 and drank three cups of water and took the gu. I just pulled over to the table and took my time and ate it all. I knew I would regret it if I took nothing because at mile 17 I was pretty spent and I still had 9ish more miles to go!

Slow and steady and I kept trekking along. I was so glad I took the gu and I seriously think that mile 18 was the most twilight zone I’ve ever experienced, it was so strange. It seemed like everyone around me was walking and I was walking right along with them sometimes. My hip flexors were hurting a little bit and I was just tired. Very tired! Finally, up a hill, came the best sign ever. Mile 20!


I was so excited! At this point, as I said in the video, it was only two 5ks to go! There was basically no crowd support along the course, but the volunteers were REALLY great. Also, most of the time I was running almost completely alone besides leap frogging a few people and the cars whizzing by. It was at the point when I just told myself, let’s just GET THIS DONE! The sun was bright and shiny the ENTIRE race and we ran into the sun the entire race as well. The beach was, of course, beautiful and the scenery was also one that you can’t get in a lot of marathons. Running along the ocean for 16 miles can never be bad!

pretty view mile 22

It was like the twilight zone out there. The miles kept counting down but it just seemed like everything was in very slow motion. It also seemed that SO many, if not most people were walking. This allowed a lot of leap frogging, but it was just weird. This was the section that I can’t explain. I was just tired. I kept running for as long as I could then I would take quick walk breaks, but I was just legitimately tired, which I haven’t felt before in a marathon. Luckily I never wanted to cry or anything during this one, and thankfully I never stopped at the bathroom but it was just strange out there.


Finally we approached Malibu and I walked a little bit in the last 6 miles on and off whenever I felt like it. I took another gu at mile 21 just because I was so hungry. I was very scared of the bathroom issues, but nothing happened during the marathon that upset my stomach so that was a good thing! Those last 6 miles, I also stopped at water stops along the way and just took my time there and drank a lot of water because it was warm and I knew I would get dehydrated and it would just make things continually harder along the end of the route.

At mile 23-24, I ran a 7:35 mile. Yea, I basically got to the point where I was over running and thought the faster I run right now, the faster I’ll get to the finish line, the faster I can eat and sit down and stop running. So I busted that out and then walked for just a little bit and then continued on and made this weird video.

Finally it was mile 25! I knew it was only one more mile from there so I was excited. The last stretch was perfect because I saw Maritza’s family right before the finish line and they all cheered for me and they made me my first sign that anyone has made for me!!! I was so happy I saw it and thought, “wait, THAT’S MY NAME!!” I don’t really have that many supporters of my family that have ever come to a race besides my cousin, brother and friend so it meant a lot to me to see them. It always means a lot when you realize someone came out to cheer for YOU. It was so nice of them to come out and it it’s always great to see some familiar faces along the course especially at the end when emotions are running high.


Right here the tutu was flying! I knew exactly where the finish line was because you could see the tents and people ahead of us and I was so excited just to cross it and drink some water! It’s definitely a crazy feeling how adrenaline pushes you to the finish that last mile and you can speed up and finish strong.


WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! to the finish I go!


Ha! This picture cracks me up! Everyone was laughing at me and yelling go tutu go! Since it was such a small race, the announcer said pretty much everyone’s name when they finished and where they were from, which was pretty cool, AND he said my name RIGHT! Amazing! It was fun to hear that and cross the finish line.


That medal is one of then nicest medals I have from all my races. It’s huge and the ribbon has the date on the neck, which I think is really cool. I’m really glad I made it through for that baby. I also found out my finish time later was 4:14, which I’m happy with taken the circumstances. I wasn’t going for a PR or anything, I just wanted to make it to the finish line in that outfit!


The news people were there and they filmed us before the run, during the run and they wanted to catch up with us afterwards to ask us how it went. It took a lot for us not to say, “what the HECK was that?!” We said the course was really pretty and we were glad we finished. It was very strange because it seemed like that race killed not only me, but Tara and Maritza as well. We all just had no words to even describe it.


This girl was so sweet and I tried so hard to be nice, but it seemed like after a marathon I just want to leave the area and go home! :)


After the race we went to brunch at a great place called Swingers. I had some delicious macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes!

Overall, it was a good, yet bizarre race. I’m glad I did it, but I wish I could explain what went on better. It was fun to run in the costume, but it was also very annoying. The big plus was that the few supporters along the course cheered extra loud for me. Little girls also LOVED it. I tried to give them high fives and they were so sweet. I really thought that the race was just so unlike anything I’ve experienced before, but it was interesting to say the least. I’m okay with my finish time and bottom line is, another marathon is done. I did yet ANOTHER marathon! What have I become?

Next up, in 20 days, I have my last marathon of the year, California International Marathon in Sacramento. Looking back this may have not been the best idea, but I wanted to have the ‘marathon maniac’ status, so I had to run three marathons in a matter of three months. I haven’t run since Malibu and will probably try to run again on Thursday. I don’t feel super sore, the least sore out of San Diego and Long Beach, but there are still some moments when I’m like oh man that hurts!

After CIM it’s break time and back down to lower mileage and some fun runs! This 26.2 is a LONG WAY! Some people have told me, “Well you’ve done it before, you can do it again, it’s just another marathon.” and I’m like really? I am humbled each time I run one by one thing or another, and it’s still 26.2 miles. It’s still a long, freaking, hard distance.

Oh Malibu, you literally left me speechless.


PS. I made a few other videos but didn’t want to post them all on here… but if you want to see them and more of the course, you can find them on my youtube here.

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