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Why are T-Rex’s Arms so small and other things.

Friday, Friday, Friday! Welcome back, and how I love you. I don’t know if I can ever top my icebath video last week, but I’ll try with more funny things. So I have google analytics on my site. It’s entertaining to me to see what people come to my site for. Yes, I can see how you got here, you little creepers. :) There are just some funny ones, that crack me up and I just had to post some. This is ONLY for the month of September too. Seriously. What are you people expecting to find out there?! :)

“ran into wall” & “black eye” – Okay so for this one… I pretty much have no idea where this comes from. I know that I’m a klutz, but really? Running into a wall and getting a black eye too? It seems like this belongs on Texts from Last Night, or FML.

dead birds accessory – Um, this was from the dead bird post I did a while back, but an accessory, for a dead bird? This seems sketchy!

getting to know your retired greyhound – ha, ha, ha! So this was from the comparison I made when I compared myself to a retired greyhound, but man, your on your own for getting to know your retired greyhound

1/2  marathon tomorrow, how do I prepare? – Dude, um, I hope you’ve trained thus far, for your sake at least. This one just made me laugh. AGAIN.

bathroom accident in marathon – Well we all know I’m pretty open about the ‘accidents’ I’ve had, well they weren’t accidents, just unplanned stops along the route. But still, if you are googling this, perhaps it’s time to stop taking GU’s!

Can dogs drink nuun? – AHAHAHAHA, this killed me as well. Um, I would assume they can? I mean, I don’t think it would kill them, but I probably wouldn’t give it to them? This is a good question!

Do skinny people chafe? – YES! this is true! I chafe like a beast. Everyone chafes, no matter what. Unless you bathe in body glide, which I try to do and still chafe miserably.

I want to see if my baby and it’s dad looks alike? – I couldn’t stop laughing about this. I know I posted a lot of stuff about looking like my family, in April during when I posted about being adopted a lot, but really? Who googles this? I think you need to step away from google and work on your family problems!

Picture of runner throwing up – Yea, you won’t be finding that on my site! Thankfully I’ve never thrown up before or after a race. :)

When I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I get dizzy and sweaty- This cracked me up too. What the heck. I think you might have a problem, called you are high, but hey, good thing they work for me at least and I don’t get dizzy and sweaty!

26.2 miles…what could possibly go wrong? – I will leave it at A LOT of things!

inspirational sayings and for people who have broken a limb–arm or leg, etc – It wouldn’t be that funny, until you write, arm or leg, etc. That was the proverbial icing on the cake for this one.

didgeridoos for sale in San Diego – WHAT?

marathon runner poop accident – I guess this goes back to my first wonderful attempt at a marathon in San Diego. That will never be lived down. Ever. But this is still entertaining that other people have the same problem.

Why are T-Rex’s arms so small? – Good question. I have no idea. Funny thing is each month I get about 5 searches for things related to T-Rex Arms. I ask myself the same question, why are my arms so T-Rex like? :)

But I guess I’m doing good, because in the words of step brothers… Don’t ever lose your Dinosaur!

One funny picture came to me last weekend from my little brother. We don’t really text that much and this was all that showed up in my inbox. This was our conversation.


Yup he sent me this random picture of him and I sent him one back of me throwing up a westside, annnnnd that was the end of our conversation as you can tell. My brother cracks me up with his randomness.

Ahhh little brothers.

Last long run of this training sesh before Long Beach is tomorrow and I’m ready for some short miles! I have a feeling next weeks posts might be all about Long Beach? Just a thought!


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