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Tell me whoooose watching! Geico Money Halloween Costume

So obviously, I’m pretty  much obsessed with the Geico Money commercials. I crack up every time I watch them and I have the music as a ring tone on my phone. I LOVE them and realized what I wanted to be for Halloween back in July. Yes, I said July. Looking back though, I’m really glad that I had so much time to think about how I was going to build this costume because it seriously took me a long time to craft something that wasn’t too heavy, would stay together, that I could wear and that I could be at least somewhat functioning in. Thus, about two weeks ago, the building began.


I started off with just a box and cut a hold for my head. I figured I would glue the ‘money’ on the front of the box, but I didn’t know if it would hold, but there was pretty much no other way to get it to stay on my body. I really tried to find a box that wasn’t huge but could hold something on the front of me and covered most of my body at the same time.


After I cut up the one box I realized I would need a TON of cardboard for the money. I went big and collected way too much. I didn’t want to have to keep going back to the store to get more though, so I guess it was a go big or go home moment, and I went big. I got all the boxes from a local hardware store and packed up my car with them.


Then it was time to cut everything out. The ‘money’ started out as long strips of cardboard. The eyes, as you can tell, are just paper plates that I cut out and would later draw eyes on. The strips of cardboard were then folded in half to make the area where I was going to glue to the box a straight line, if that makes sense. I later then had a better idea about the gluing after I painted everything.


The money folded in half and being painted. I went through 2 and a half cans of spray paint to paint all the money.


After I was done painting the money, it was time to paint the box that would hold all the money. I just painted it black so that it wouldn’t be that obvious. I ended up cutting off the flaps on the bottom too so it didn’t really matter what they were painted like.


Once everything was dry I had to lay it out to see how everything was going to work, which was my biggest concern. I realized when I was laying it out that I should glue the pieces of money to each other after getting the ‘top’ piece very secure. So the folds were super helpful and I didn’t have to use all the money I cut up. I glued the money to each other with hot glue and used a lot of it!


Then I took it outside again and repainted some of the green  parts of the money so make sure that everything was completely covered. Yes, it’s huge, and I can’t walk through doors or really move at all in it. Lastly, I added the white part of the stacks to the front and the eyes to the top of the money pile in the front. Then I realized I needed arm holes, so I added those as well. I realized I would have to wear my hair back in a ponytail since I wouldn’t have much mobility which was fine. I also added this on the back of the box at the bottom.


The final product! I’m going to wear some black shorts, fishnets and my hair up and just a black tank top underneath. It should be pretty exciting!


Then I added this to the back of the box portion.

I’m going to do a whole Halloween post after the big night so then I’ll have tons more pictures! YAY! I’m just so excited that it worked out and is finally all ready for this weekend!

So, do you always feel like somebody’s wattttching yoouuuuu?!?


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