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Race Day Gear

So obviously I’m running the Long Beach Race this weekend, and I’m super excited about it. I remember for my last race, San Diego, I wanted to find the ‘perfect race shirt’. I searched high and low and everywhere to find something and I had a huge problem finding something that I loved. Though I do love the blue tank I ended up wearing, I wish I would have found something a little different. Alas, yesterday I began the ‘hunt’ for my race day shirt for this weekend. The first shirt I tried on was one that I didn’t know if I would like or not, and as soon as I put it on I was in LOVE! I love the colors, I love the back, I love how long it is and how it’s not skin tight. Update: It’s actually by Nike and I found it at Marshalls for $16.99, normally priced $40. Just an FYI.



Yes, in the top picture I tried on that furry leopard jacket. Don’t worry I didn’t buy it, but I wanted it, alas it was a size too small. ha ha. Anyways, I tried the running top out this morning and I love it! I think I might have my aunt take it in a little on the sides if she can before the race but we shall see. I am just so happy that I found something that I love so quickly and easily. If this doesn’t work out though, I also have another little pink tank that I got from my friend that I will wear instead. I’m going to wear this top, my black booty shorts and I debating on my pink armwarmers or not. All that matched up with my bumble bee nike vomeros. I am still considering the monkey buns but I did them this past weekend and they fell out, so I’m going to work on creating them nice and tight when I run this week to see if I can get them to stay in. They stayed in well for a 16 miler, but died on the 8 miler.

Speaking of the 8 miler, this weekend it was great, it was over pretty quickly though! Crazy that just a few weeks ago my mileage was so different, but it is definitely a welcome change. It was weird to be able to walk around all Saturday and not feel like my butt was on fire or my legs couldn’t move, or my knees couldn’t bend. Ahhh, taper. I do truly love you.

I’m getting excited and nervous to race all at the same time! I can’t believe this week has so many good things happening. I am taking a half day at work tomorrow and Wednesday off, to relax, prep for the race, enjoy my birthday and spend some time with family and friends. It’s race week! Yay! Tomorrow I have a kind of mushy gushy post about Long Beach and how the last year has really changed who I am as a person and how running has changed me. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

YAY for RACING! YAY for Birthdays! (also, it’s my good friends, Ann and also, Mrs. Everlasting’s Birthdays today! :) )

Also, because I know you are all fashion fiends, if you are on facebook, check out fan page and become a fan! They are having a giveaway for new super cute boots. And who doesn’t want fall boots?! Also, want more info? Check out their blog also. They have seriously great deals and great products and they are one of my favorite places to shop online!


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