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Peanut butter and Jelly time!

So you probably all remember the fact that I get pretty sick when eating/taking GUs or any type of endurance ‘food’ along my run. I tried shot blox, GUs, hammer gels, crank fuel and everything I tried made me miserable. I know it’s important to eat when running such long distances, since your burning so many calories and you have to have fuel to keep you going as your mileage goes up. Thus began my search to find something that I could fuel with on my longer runs without making me sick. I started with some sport beans on smaller, close by my house runs. They worked well and weren’t the easiest thing to eat, but I could chew them up pretty quickly and swallow them without a problem.

Then I really had to become creative for the longer runs. I knew that eating would be difficult since anything that wasn’t in a goo like form would involve at least some pretty serious chewing, which led me to wonder if I could chew without choking and keep running at the same time. I knew peanut butter was full of ‘good nutritients’ that would help me keep going while running and I knew having anything in my stomach that didn’t upset it would be better than nothing and hitting the much dreaded ‘wall’. Thus the peanut butter and jelly square sandwiches were born.

Now, to make them work, I usually prepare them the night before my run so that the jelly has time to ‘sit’ and ‘soak’. Sounds disgusting, but it works like a charm. I also make sure to really smash them into the small snack size bag I put them in. Then I put them in the fridge overnight. I put on a lot more jelly to make it more squishy, and a normal amount of peanut butter.


I use creamy peanut butter and make the whole sandwich.


I also make sure to get the jelly ALL over the bread including almost the crusts. The crusts most of the time I either just throw away or don’t eat. During Long Beach though I ate the whole thing.


Smash them together and wha-la. Then you cut it into four small squares. Then put in the bag and smash a little. It won’t be the prettiest thing in the morning, but it works when you need substance.


When I was training, I would walk and eat one square every 6-8 miles. During the marathon I ate one at mile 6 and mile 12 but never stopped to walk to eat them. I kept the sandwiches in the side pocked of my pouch that was attached to my iFitness belt. Then I lived off sport beans for the rest of the race, though I did have more sandwiches if I wanted to eat them. They actually aren’t as hard as you would think to eat. I would sometimes, when training, dip them in water like Kobiyashi does with hot dog buns and then they are easier to swallow. During the marathon though I just kind of choked it down and drank water after to make sure that it was all down safely. As I said before, I usually don’t eat the crust and just throw it to some birds nearby.

Here’s the Hot Dog Eating Contest from this year.

Um, just listening to the commentary is amazing.

This video made me want to make a video for you guys showing you how to eat peanut butter and jellies while I’m running, but then my better judgement kicked in. Lucky you.

I’ve been really into the gym lately, which is weird. I think it’s because I can’t run when I’m sick so I just go to spin and get my butt kicked. Like, I have never sweat so much in my entire life. Seriously. Anyways, I’m feeling much better and hopefully can run again sometime soon! We’ll maybe give it a try tomorrow am, or after work.


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