Nike Human Race 10k Race Recap

So it was the Nike Human Race this past weekend. The race took place in LA around the campus of USC and by the Coliseum. The race also started at midnight. Yes, you run the race in the dark. I came home early from work because I had a migraine and was a little worried if I’d make it out to race. I took a nap and woke up three hours later, and realized I had to eat dinner in order to have some fuel in my body for the race. My head still hurt but when I get migraines it comes in waves. It was also dark when I woke up and that was helpful because when I have migraines I am super sensitive to light. So I drove to Chick-fil-a for a little pre-race dinner and came home, rested and then got ready to go. It was really weird not being so early in the morning. I drove up there with a friend and we got there right about 10:00pm.

We had more than enough time before the race, so we went and picked up my race shirt, which also has your bib number on it and then went back to my car. I seriously could have napped but I knew if I took a nap I would probably end up sleeping through the race or something. I also didn’t want to be too tired to race. Finally at 11:00pm we decided to walk over to the starting area. I changed into my shirt and ate four sport beans. The shirt is actually a decently fitting tech tee and I’m glad that I can wear it again. Once we walked over, I was going to meet up with my friend Chris, who is a huge inspiration to me. He’s an Iron Man and has a sweet blog too. Anyways, it was very dark still even in the starting areas and there was a lot of  chaos. Thankfully we found each other via texting, but without that I doubt I would ever have seen him. There were so many people and when everyone is wearing the same thing, it’s kind of difficult to stand out. I had a lot of friends running in this race and only found a very few people.


Chris and I before the race started in our racing shirts.


Getting crazy with the music before the race. That was one great thing about this race, they had a lot of great music playing and some cool DJ’s pumping up the crowd. Then before we knew it, it was race time, and we had hung out with Chris’ friend Alycia and her boyfriend Booker. Thankfully, Booker said he would hold onto my camera and key while I ran, so I just had my iPhone with me. He was also kind enough to take some cool pictures while we were running! He was super excited to hold all our crap… as you can tell below. (also, Booker is a DJ at my favorite radio station, AMP 97.1, if you live in the LA area check it out, or you can listen online HERE no matter where you are…. They play tons of great music and I get a lot of my new running songs from there!)



The starting line was a mess. There were people cramming in everywhere and the first mile was just chaos, it was horrible. Once you see my splits you’ll really be able to see how bad the beginning was. There were ‘pace’ markers but it seemed like people who were running 15 minute miles were up in the 7 minute mile area. There was SO much weaving, hopping through the crowd, and though it was somewhat lit along the course, let’s be honest, it’s still dark and running in the street with curbs and sidewalks is a little sketchy.


After the first mile, the second mile wasn’t that much better, but the packs started to disperse a little bit. I was cruising along and right around mile 2.5 I fell into my ‘zone’. It was another, ‘Oh my gosh I love running and this is so fun,’ moments for me. I was smiling and happy and seeing some of the bigger landmarks in LA was pretty fun since I’m not from around there. We ran towards the Staples Center and around USC and then also later on, ran down Frat Row at USC. It was one of those moments when I was running towards Staples and I saw all the lights and I got sappy again. Running just makes me so happy, it was one of those, “This is what I do, and I’m good at it!” moments. Though those moments don’t happen every race, or every run, when they do happen it’s like all is right with the world and nothing can go wrong. I was starting to feel really good around mile 3 and realized, Duh! It was almost over! Then I started to turn on the speed  since I was feeling good and my arch in my foot wasn’t hurting me.


The last two miles were pretty quick for me, but they were super fun. I have a little confession. In races, I like to pass boys. It gives me some kind of weird satisfaction and I almost want to be like, “Yea, a girl just passed you!” Sometimes I almost want to turn around and see their faces. Mean? Nahhhhh! Anyways, I think I started to get a little competitive since I knew the race was almost over and for some reason there were a TON of guys in this race. So I had lots of fun! :)


Finally we got to the finish, which was the same place we started. Running into the finish was kind of weird becuase there  were SO many bright lights you couldn’t see anything. I just ran into the light and then it was over. The race wasn’t time chipped so I stopped my garmin once I crossed the line. It was pretty humid out and I was pretty sweaty even though the race was so late at night, it also didn’t help that I decided to work the last few miles. My finishing time was 48:59, which is 9 seconds off my PR. I didn’t race the first three miles and it was another ‘fun’ race for me, so I’m more than happy with that time and it was a pretty fun race. It was fun to see all the younger people come out for the race. I felt like most of the crowd was in the 20-30 range, so the energy was pretty contagious. After the finish it was more chaos but I found Chris again and then went to where we designated to meet up post race with Alycia and Booker. We got weird pouches of water that tasted funny and looked like we were drinking out of a catheter, and a ‘dog tag’ like necklace for the medal. I’m just glad we got medals and shirts for the race.


Post race picture with Alycia and Chris. You can see the medal on my neck that we got at the finish.


The whole gang after the race!


This is my friend Katharine, who ran this race as her first 10k last year and was back again this year. She is super fun and I LOVE her skirt! :)


Then, I finally got to meet up with my friend Laura at the end of the race! She is an inspiration to me and I’m so glad I got to see her in the masses of the crowds.  We tried to find each other before the race but it was just too crazy!

Overall, the race was fun, and you should run it for fun if you choose to do it. It’s not a race to PR at with all the people and I feel like some of the people were just doing it to do it, it’s short enough to pull a  big crowd, which is great. I hope some people may have caught the running bug just by feeling the energy at the race. Running at night is a little weird for me, but it worked out okay, besides the beginning I never felt like I was going to trip or fall on any objects. For being a Nike event, it could be SO much better, but Nike events pull a lot of people and I feel like aren’t executed to what they could be.  I have done a Nike event before so I kind of expected the chaos and ill-planning, but compared to other non-Nike events I’ve ran, it’s not the best planned. They could make it so amazing, but oh well, they get people out to run, and it’s a good concept. It was fun to meet up with my friends and see all the people who were so excited about running, even if we were packed in like sardines at the starting line.

After the race, I was SO hungry, so I did some serious work at McDonalds on the way home. Getting into bed at 3 am that night threw me for a loop for the rest of the weekend sleep wise, and I do feel that running that late at night and getting sweaty and then being a little bit cold was probably not the best idea when I was on the verge of recovering from being sick, and now am fully sick. AGAIN. Oh well, what can you do I guess? I’m working from home AGAIN today, and I miss my giant computer screens. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better, but last night I slept really poorly so I don’t think that helped either. Too hot, too cold, back sore, running nose, coughing. UGH!

I didn’t get to run all weekend besides the Nike Race, but will hopefully be able to run this week, do a long run next weekend and then taper back down to get ready for Malibu. It’s already approaching here pretty quickly and even though I’m doing it for fun, I can’t keep getting sick like this, or 26.2 miles will be a complete mess.

Guess what I’ll be posting tomorrow, my completed Halloween costume!!!


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20 Responses to Nike Human Race 10k Race Recap

  1. Great job! I’ve never had the opportunity to do a Nike race, and I’ve wondered what they are like. I’m not sure I would like running at night — I love my morning runs! Thanks for posting this. Very interesting!

  2. Shannon says:

    Great job! Can’t wait to see the halloween costume!

  3. Jamie says:

    That’s so cool that you did that run. Sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I loved running more. I bet it would help if I had more friends that dug it.
    I hope you feel better. I think I might be getting a bug. I am downing airborn like nobody’s business!

  4. jenn says:

    It was totally chaotic here in Toronto too. We didn’t even know the course ahead of time!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun though! Wahoo!

  5. Amanda says:

    What a fun race, I love the shirts you got too. I’ve never done a night race, but it sounds fun. Although I worry about tripping or something from the dark. I hope you feel better soon. Rest rest rest!

  6. Spike says:

    great race, way to almost PR during a ‘fun run!’ I love night running; once you get acclimated, you’ll love it.

    now get better, no more being sick.

  7. Marlene says:

    Great pics! Sounds like fun, despite the craziness.

    I love the imagine of ‘running into the lights’ at the finish.

    Get well soon… again!

  8. meg says:

    In NOLA, most of our races finish where they start. But then we have a small running community.

  9. kelsey says:

    Booker looks so familiar!! He must have been on a TV show, or commercial, or something… (not Cali radio, cause I’m definitely in Texas…haha)

  10. betty says:

    I can’t wait to see the Halloween costume. I’m sure it will be something great.

  11. skinnyrunner says:

    sounds like a cool event, running at midnight. ive never done that before.

  12. stuart says:

    OMG too many people!!!

    ‘Chicked’ is the expression for passing boys, and you have to sashey your pony tail and wiggle your tucous!

  13. Morgan says:

    Sounds like it was definitely an interesting race!

    Love all the pics and I can’t wait to see the Halloween costume!!!

  14. Nicole says:

    Way to go girl! You ran great!

  15. Jessica says:

    Hope you feel better! Running skirts are super comfy. I rock mine in the summer and you can’t tell you have a skirt on.

  16. Alisa says:

    Fun times! I can’t imagine starting a race at midnight–yikes! That’s like a million hours past my bedtime (i’m old).

    You look fab as always!

  17. Allison says:

    Ahhhh!! That race was my first ever official race! The first year they did the Human Race I was a sophomore at USC, and my nutter rowing friends signed me up. It was so much fun! Although that year it was the middle of the afternoon (or early evening) and we ended at the 50 yard line at the Coliseum. SO jealous! I wish I still lived there and I could do that again!

  18. KatieA. says:

    Sorry you’re still not feeling all that fab! :( Nike races are usually pretty well organized, as I just did the Nike Women’s Marathon in SF. Boy, did they take care of us! Glad you were able to enjoy the race! ;)

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