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It is upon us.

I have the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I also have the feeling that I’m swimming and about to be eaten by a shark. I don’t know how those mix, but it leads to some crazy thoughts. Well you all know what I’m wearing this weekend. You know what music I’ll be listening too, and how I’ll be wearing my hair. You all know what race I’m running, and pretty much what my weekend will revolve around. It’s time to run Long Beach for round dos! I’m so excited and nervous all at the same time. I haven’t raced in a long time and I feel ready for this race. So you all want to know my goals, don’t you, and I’m sure you all feel that you deserve a goal oriented post, don’t you. Well.. shocker upon shockers, I’m not giving that to you today, or ever for that matter. I’ll let you know if I hit my goals in my race recap, whenever that goes up. My number one goal is to have fun. It sounds SO cliche, but if you all remember, my last official race of this size wasn’t the most fun for me, so I’m calling for a redo! Then we have the fact of getting to the finish line, which, obviously, it WILL happen, but my goal is to enjoy it this time. Another good one is to try not to find myself in the porta-potties as much as I did last time. That would equal a huge success for me! I’ve worked hard at switching things up this training round and I am just hoping my PB&Js will suffice and I will be golden in that area. Another AMAZING thing is that the twilight zone of mile 8 is SURELY not going to happen this marathon! Win for me, without even starting the race! If you want to be a complete stalker freak, you can follow me on twitter where I’ll be updating, perhaps even during the race, or at least after. Also, I just found out that there is athlete tracking. If you have nothing to do with your life on Sunday morning and want to see my miles get progressively slower over time, you can track me here, and my bib number is 1804. Silently cheer for me in church too, if you are going, we all know I’ll be needing it. :)

So besides the whole like, oh my gosh I’m running pretty far this weekend feeling, it should be pretty relaxing. Sadly, when I woke up this morning, I felt more sick than yesterday. I have been eating tons of vitamin C, drinking Tea, gargling salt, everything, and I know this is just how I get sick. Right now, I’m realizing that basically, what is going to happen, is going to happen and I can suck it up and be a big girl or I can mope around and think of the worst scenarios. I choose the first. Relax, drink tea, and just do my thing is all I can do at this point. Tonight, I’m grabbing dinner with a friend, and tomorrow I’ll be relaxing, figuring out race logistics, doing some laundry, getting lots of ice, heading to the expo and doing a little pre-race dinner with some friends, which now sounds like a ton of stuff once I type that out, and then Sunday is race day! Hopefully I will be functional for the remainder of the day, but I will be taking two ice baths for sure. Believe me when I say it people, I WOULD NOT be doing it if I didn’t feel exponentially better afterwords.

Anyways, for some funny race videos I found these. They are pretty epic!

That’s after an Ironman, so don’t freak out! Well unless your doing an ironman…

This one isn’t as funny but it’s just crazy that it actually happened.

And this guy… 200 meters from the finish, and can’t continue!

Then here’s an inspirational Nike commercial that stars Kara. :) Enjoy!

Be back soon with some hardware.

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