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Glowing like a firefly.

So since my great race, I’m stoked to run again. Shocking, I know. Last night I wanted to run so badly, the weather was absolutely perfect, but I know recovery is important so I’m taking some time to watch endless amounts of TV and sleep-in. I do have some SUPER cute leggings I can’t wait to try out though, and those are also making me want to run really badly. As you can tell I’m easily entertained. Though I do think my body is still a little shell-shocked. I haven’t had any appetite at all since the race, which is quite disappointing if you know how much I love to eat. So I’m patiently awaiting for that to return with vengeance. Also, I haven’t been sleeping that well. I think my body had just gotten used to waking up early to run, and yea, I’m still waking up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30 am. I don’t have to get up for work until 7:30 am. So I lay in bed. Bored. Today I came into work super early, since I had nothing else to do. Wow, that is what my life has become, but it means I do get to leave early, and I think I might make an appearance tonight at the gym, work on some core and arms. Before the marathon I did think I would have some issues with my arms getting tired like they did in San Diego, but I think I was so relaxed that they never got tired at all. Running while relaxed with no pressure = big time win in my book. Today I would feel that my body is at about an 80-85%, which is excellent.

Yesterday I appealed to get my race results ‘official’ which you can do if you forgot your chip like me. What a dum-dum. Anyways, I sent them links to my blog and my official time and hopefully there is enough proof for them to ‘approve’ my time and make it official. Even if they end up giving me the clock time, since there will be photos of me passing the finish, it won’t “technically” be under four since I was think I was pictured crossing the finish line at 4:03 since I started in the back of the pack, but I don’t care. I know what my time was, and hope that I can just get the race to become official, since you know, I DID run it. :)

Anyways, tomorrow’s post should be the emotional breakdown of both races…which should be interesting. Well, it has been interesting to me to look back and compare both races. The before feelings, the feelings during, and the feelings after. Another thing I’m super excited about is the race pictures. For some reason there are a TON of photographers along the course in Long Beach. Big time win for me since I was on Cloud 9 this past weekend, I worked so hard to get some good pictures! Hopefully they are good, or at least a few are. I also hope I kept the jazz hands in control, but I can’t wait to see them! Of course, I’ll post them when they are posted. I guess all those photogs are just one more reason I LOVE Long Beach.

I still really have no words about the marathon. I can’t believe everything went so great. I’m also working on the magical peanut butter and jelly post, and the upcoming races post. Too many good things to share with you guys, and I’m so excited about the future, which is the complete opposite of how I felt only a short four months ago. But I will continue to glow over here and live my little dream. Just like this.


Okay, so maybe it’s more so my face that is glowing and not my butt, but you get the picture :) Also, how’s this weird, random, fun fact for blowing your mind today. I’ve never seen a firefly in real life. True.


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