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Cheers to Month Number 10!

Hooray! It’s finally October! This means so many good things! First, my birthday is quickly approaching! It’s only 5 days away. Hooray. Then we have Long Beach which is now 10 days away. Then I have pretty much the most epic halloween costume EVER, that I will not share until it’s worn at the end of the month, but I need to start crafting it. I know that might take a while since I’m not.. ahem.. crafty at all. I am  hoping DJ’s sick craft skills and creativity will help me out a lot. One of the most important things about this month though is that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I lost my mom 3 years ago to Breast Cancer and really love how this month is dedicated to many  things pink and raising money to help find a cure for Breast Cancer and raising awareness of the disease that affects so many. Sometimes it’s hard to see so many things dedicated to Breast Cancer since it did take my mom away, but at the same time, I realize that if it helps someone else live, then it’s worth every effort. If I see any great finds that are related I’ll be sure to post them, but today, I’m starting off with this great find.


The website, A.Tierney is offering free shipping until 10/11/09 and look at these SUPER cute bracelets! Visit their site and check out their stuff. I have a super cute bracelet from here and I just love it.  20% of all the sales of the custom Breast Cancer Awareness will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Remember to rock pink this month!

Anyways, I totally forgot to post this awesome picture from the Angel Game the other night. It was from the night after they clinched the West and now they are going to playoffs. Yippie!


This morning I had a great 7.5 miler. I have been feeling rather sluggish lately and a little down on my upcoming race because I have been so tired. Also, so many taper doesn’t make me miss running so much, but one things for sure. I have been mowing through some serious amounts of food. Oh well, this mornings run made up for it and I felt good and my legs felt pretty strong. I wasn’t as tired as I normally have been and it makes me even more excited about race day, which leads me to a big decision. Race Day hair. Now, here are my options.


That is option one. I used to wear my hair like this in high school I find if you put the rubber band half way through the the ponytail it keeps it from getting knotty and getting gross and sweaty as well. Then we have…


The monkey ear buns! I can’t decide, and sometimes I have a problem with getting the buns totally secure, but I think maybe it would be fun? Everytime I do get them totally secure they are fun, and I’ve worn these in a race before as well, but with bows in them. Ah, the big decisions I face in my life right…

Hooray for October! Have a great October first!


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