Cheers to Month Number 10!

Hooray! It’s finally October! This means so many good things! First, my birthday is quickly approaching! It’s only 5 days away. Hooray. Then we have Long Beach which is now 10 days away. Then I have pretty much the most epic halloween costume EVER, that I will not share until it’s worn at the end of the month, but I need to start crafting it. I know that might take a while since I’m not.. ahem.. crafty at all. I am  hoping DJ’s sick craft skills and creativity will help me out a lot. One of the most important things about this month though is that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I lost my mom 3 years ago to Breast Cancer and really love how this month is dedicated to many  things pink and raising money to help find a cure for Breast Cancer and raising awareness of the disease that affects so many. Sometimes it’s hard to see so many things dedicated to Breast Cancer since it did take my mom away, but at the same time, I realize that if it helps someone else live, then it’s worth every effort. If I see any great finds that are related I’ll be sure to post them, but today, I’m starting off with this great find.


The website, A.Tierney is offering free shipping until 10/11/09 and look at these SUPER cute bracelets! Visit their site and check out their stuff. I have a super cute bracelet from here and I just love it.  20% of all the sales of the custom Breast Cancer Awareness will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Remember to rock pink this month!

Anyways, I totally forgot to post this awesome picture from the Angel Game the other night. It was from the night after they clinched the West and now they are going to playoffs. Yippie!


This morning I had a great 7.5 miler. I have been feeling rather sluggish lately and a little down on my upcoming race because I have been so tired. Also, so many taper doesn’t make me miss running so much, but one things for sure. I have been mowing through some serious amounts of food. Oh well, this mornings run made up for it and I felt good and my legs felt pretty strong. I wasn’t as tired as I normally have been and it makes me even more excited about race day, which leads me to a big decision. Race Day hair. Now, here are my options.


That is option one. I used to wear my hair like this in high school I find if you put the rubber band half way through the the ponytail it keeps it from getting knotty and getting gross and sweaty as well. Then we have…


The monkey ear buns! I can’t decide, and sometimes I have a problem with getting the buns totally secure, but I think maybe it would be fun? Everytime I do get them totally secure they are fun, and I’ve worn these in a race before as well, but with bows in them. Ah, the big decisions I face in my life right…

Hooray for October! Have a great October first!


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50 Responses to Cheers to Month Number 10!

  1. When I had long hair I used to do the two buns for ballet all the time–just buy some big bobbby pins–they’re called “roller pins” but they look like giant, smooth bobby pins, and it will stay in forever.

  2. jaime says:

    I’m totally loving the bracelets…thanks for posting that link and helping my online shopping addiction.

    I’m pro-pigtails in any form. For the longest time, my hair was too short to pull into a ponytail, but I could always do the monkey ears and they were totally fun :)

    Happy early birthday! My birthday is next week, as well! AND I signed up for a half marathon to run on Oct. 10.

  3. Alex says:

    The ear buns are the way to go. Just get the sport hair ties. They have little teeth that grip hair. fantastic for running!

  4. Those bracelets are super cute! Happy early birthday and definitely the monkey buns!

  5. skinnyrunner says:

    what about some sort of faux-mullet?? dont ever underestimate the power of a mullet….

  6. Jeff Sandene says:

    I dig the ear buns. They will give you plenty of attention on LB race day. Could be just the ticket for that extra emotional boost!

  7. Jennifer says:

    OMG the monkey ear buns are so super cute!!! Pick them! Pick them!

  8. Morgan says:

    Libra girls unite! My b-day is soon too! :) Yay!

    I love the monkey buns but dang girl… do you really think they’ll hold up for 26.2???

    I’m sooooooo excited about Halloween too! Yay for costumes!

  9. Holly says:

    It IS a big decision. I understand. Especially cuz I just posted asking people to vote on which shirt to wear to my half. HAHAHHAH.

  10. Hahahaha. Omg, those monkey ear buns are amazing. I vote for them!

  11. Love the buns :)

    You know…the hair :)

  12. I like the first option– only because I’ve never been able to keep buns up when I run and it drives me crazy! Happy almost birthday!!

  13. Niki says:

    Loving the monkey ear buns! You should add some hot pink ribbon to them too:)

  14. betty says:

    I love the monkey ear buns. Super cute! They have my vote.

  15. SDrunner says:

    Glad to see how excited you are for a month that just started! Happy early birthday, and good luck at Long Beach!

  16. Kristen says:

    When is your birthday??? Do we have the same birthday?? I am on the 5th :-D Yay for libras!

    And I vote for monkey ear buns…

  17. Betsy says:

    Add my vote to the monkey ear buns. I just ran a half marathon in pigtails and firmly believe that they made my race more fun.

  18. Natalie says:

    Monkey ear buns with bows! Totally adorable.

  19. Brittney says:

    I vote monkey buns for race day! They are too cute!

  20. aron says:

    YAY oct is a great month!!!

    haha love the pics of your hair… cant wait to see what you decide :) the buns up that high would give me a headache!

  21. Rebekah says:

    Monkey buns for sure! They make me wish my hair was long.

  22. Marlene says:

    Oh my goodness, you have to rock those monkey ear buns!!! Too cute! :)

    Great job on the run this morning and HAPPY OCTOBER! Libras rule.

  23. Angielou Harris says:

    Monkey ears! Just think what a cute race pic it’ll make!

  24. Tara says:

    MONKEY BUNS all the WAY!!!!! haha nice job on busting out another morning run!
    ps…baby by me, baby, be a millionaire!

  25. J says:

    October is such a great month!! I like the pony tail look only if you cant get the buns secure cause playing with hair while running is hard!

  26. Shannon says:

    Those buns are really cute, but can you get them secure enough? I might just have to rock that ponytail during my half – that’s an awesome idea.

    BTW, I’m sorry about your mom. Breast Cancer is a huge thing to me too. My grandmother has had it twice – two separate times! Now, she is currently battling cancer in her back. It breaks my heart. I’m really dedicated to raising money for susan g komen – last year I was top 25 in the state – which I think I’ve already told you. This year, I’m struggling to raise money. This economy sucks.

  27. Monkey ear buns for sure, they look really cute.

  28. jeff says:

    i vote for bjork, i mean monkey ear buns.

  29. Lacey says:

    shop for the cure has soooooooo much stuff now!!! i love it! i told you my mom and grandmother had breast cancer, right? i try not to be scared of getting it because i’m living my best life and if it happens it happens.

    HAIR!!!!!!!! LOL!!! i wonder if the monkey buns would be a nuisance?? hair might get in your face??? you are seriously adorable tho either way!

  30. B.o.B. says:

    hahahahahaha! told you i would laugh.

    both are cute, but i like the buns.

  31. You are so funny! I like that first pony tail pic- I think I could wear mine like that on race day. You are always giving us so many ideas!

  32. icando262 says:

    Thanks for mentioning October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’m a survivor — going on 8 years now. I live in Oklahoma City and our “Race for the Cure” is OCT 10. As for the hair . . . I vote pony tail! ; )

  33. L.A. Daze says:

    I vote for the monkey ears!

  34. I love the monkey buns! Also, yay for Birthdays in October mine is soon as well.

  35. Nicole says:

    Love both but id go with the buns! I’ve done my hair similar in HS only with braids. It looked sick! :)

  36. kristen says:

    Would the buns actually stay in your hiar? If so, do it!!!

  37. Abbie says:

    Happy (early) birthday! I say monkey ear buns… they’re fun. :)

  38. X-country2 says:

    I’m doing race for the cure on Sunday, and I totally thought of you when I signed up. :o)

  39. monkey ear buns! monkey ear buns! monkey ear buns!

  40. Melanie says:

    I love the buns!

    I’m totally going to start stealing the ponytail with two bands idea though… my hair is super long and thick, so I think it’ll help me out!

  41. Rachael says:

    use a ton of hairspray on those monkey buns and they’ll stay in place (reading back over my sentence, that was just the oddest thing I’ve ever typed.)

    I also liked the pigtail low braids you’ve done before, but the monkey buns are fun!

  42. Felice says:

    Ear buns.

    LOVE the bangles.

  43. Stevi says:

    Awesome I LOVE THE BUNS!!!!!

    I do the double pony tail thing too, since I hate feeling my hair bounce around. I wonder how the buns would look with my visor for my race ( I hate any sun glare so I must do a hat or a visor).

  44. Joy says:

    Hahaha!! You look cute even with the monkey buns! Go for it :)

  45. Running now says:

    Thanks so much for the Breast Cancer awareness post. So easily in life we can forget the important things and get snowed under by the superficial. You are such a georgous girl you can pull off the monkey buns!!! Enjoy and keep posting, lovin it!

  46. Jeri says:

    hahah totally wore my hair in the buns for EVERY volleyball game my junior and senior year of HS. I was convinced we’d lose if I did a different hair style. And I did the double pony, never though of doing that for a race, I always end up with the matted mess that takes 1 hour to get thru w/insane amounts of detangler. :(

  47. Kerrie says:

    I vote monkey buns! LOL!

  48. Alisa says:

    Oooooh your birthday is coming up! Yay, I love birthdays. Want me to make you a running birthday bib? We can run virtually together and I’ll wear a bib too =).

    LOVE the hair, you should wear it like that everyday =)

  49. Option 1- buns tend to bounce too much and want to fall down. That’s always my prob anyway.

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