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3:55:57 and REDEMPTION

Race post will come. Most likely on Tuesday, but I just wanted to update and thank you all from the bottom on my heart. This race was MY day, and I just had to believe in myself! I looked like this the entire race.


Mind you, I have no idea who the guy is next to me. I was just BEAMING the entire race. I’m sure people thought I was some cuckoo. This was around mile 7ish.


and mile 24 I looked the SAME exact way. I was SO incredibly happy, and if you would please notice, you will see that yes, my hair is PERFECTLY in place. :)

Everything was perfect. I knew the route, and the miles kept ticking by, faster and faster. I am just so ridiculously happy, I think I might even be glowing.

I cannot believe how perfect it went. Best. Race. Ever.


My brother, who I totally didn’t expect to be there, rode his bike from his house after he missed me running past, and caught up with me the and rode with me the last mile and a half.



I am just SO happy. SO incredibly happy. Redemption is mine and marathon, maybe, there is a little spot for you in my heart too. :)

Can’t wait to write up the full recap, and yes, I tweeted during the race so I would remember things. My final time was 3:55:57. A 33 minute PR from the race from hell we will title as the San Diego Crap festival.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who were out cheering, supporting and loving all us runners today. A special thanks to my one man pack mule, Billy aka LA Runner, my friend Ryan, my cousin Olie and my little baby brother Koo. <3.

I DID IT! and I did it RIGHT this time!


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